Tuesday’s Quick Hits

I’m afraid of a world run by adults who were never spanked as kids and got trophies just for participating. – Unknown

Today’s quick hits deal with these important subjects:

  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Russian Investigation – The End is Near?
  • Kamala Harris
  • Sheriff of Social Media
  • Thirty Days Hath…

Daylight Saving Time:

A big cheer to the folks in Helena who came out opposed to getting rid of Daylight Saving Time in Montana.

According to MTN News, the culprit who is proposing this change is State Senator John Esp, R-Big Timber. Maybe Esp needs a hobby – something to prevent him from introducing worthless bills.

I like it just the way it is, but I have one issue – I do get a little tired of getting up at 2:00 a.m. to set my clocks twice per year, but I can live with it.

The End is Near:

Reuters is reporting that acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker told reporters on Monday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election is close to wrapping up,

I’ll bet there are many people who are anxious and think that any moment the FBI will converge on their home like they did when they arrested former Trump advisor Roger Stone this week.

The big question is how far up the Trump family tree will the collusion go?

Kamala Harris:

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) held a town hall meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, last night. It was televised on CNN. I watched part it. Harris is running for President.

That reminds me, I wonder when U.S. Senator Steve Daines and U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte will hold town hall meetings in Montana.

Harris has some baggage, but she will be a force to deal with in the primary. She could give Donald Trump a run for his money if she is the nominee. She started her campaign this past weekend with what some called a great speech that propelled her to frontrunner status. Vanity Fair has the details HERE.

Sheriff of Social Media:

Since I am the self-appointed Sheriff of Social Media, here is the latest:

Donald Trump tweeted that “58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, with 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote.”

According to PolitiFact, they rate Trump’s tweet as “False.” You can read the full report HERE.

If you see someone post the lie from Trump, post the link to the story in their timeline – just to tick them off!

Thirty Days Hath…

I saw this on Facebook and had to share:

Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one…except for January which has about 973…



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  1. Mueller just had his Grand Jury authorization extended for another 6 months. Whitaker sold fraudulent world patents and toilets for guys with big dicks. His successor is waiting for confirmation. Listening to him hem and haw during his answer pretty clearly shows his wishful thinking. I don’t believe a damn word he says, ever.

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