For many people the fact that your NFL team’s season is over won’t set in until next week when your team is not playing.

For twelve teams, the journey continues.

The Patriots, Broncos, Steelers, Colts, Bengals, and Ravens made the playoffs for the AFC. The Seahawks, Packers, Cowboys, Panthers, Cardinals, and Lions made the playoffs for the NFC.

I did pretty well in my predictions for the AFC. You can click HERE to see my 2014 predictions. As for my SiriusXM Pigskin Pick ‘em contest, this year I finished 332nd (out of approximately 12,000 competitors). Last year was much better as I finished in ninth place.

A team that gets hot during the last part of the season will do well in the playoffs. The NFC has three teams that could roll into the Super Bowl: Seahawks, Cowboys, and Panthers. As for the AFC, I still think the Patriots will get to the big show. What do you think?

Click HERE for the playoff schedule. It all starts Saturday (Jan. 3) at 2:20 p.m. (Mountain Time) and ends with the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 1.

Kansas City Chiefs

My Kansas City Chiefs finished the season at 9-7 which was a little better than I predicted. Last year they were 11-5 and lost in the first-round of the playoffs. Their schedule was tougher this year, and the coaching staff did not have them prepared as well.

The Chiefs did defeat the top seeds in the AFC and NFC this season (Seattle and New England), but they also lost to bottom-dwellers Tennessee and Oakland and these losses cost them a spot in the playoffs. They also can’t beat the Broncos since Peyton Manning showed up.

The Chiefs need drastic help on the offensive line and at defensive back. They need help at wide receiver, too.

My Kansas City Chiefs bobble head garden gnome “Bobby” was really upset about the Chiefs missing the playoffs this year. Here is a photo of Bobby surrounded by tissues from crying:


By the way, there are Bowl games all this week with at least three games each day (Monday-Friday). Here’s the schedule.

Have a great week watching football!


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