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The press is the enemy. – Richard M. Nixon

Welcome to the big show to end the week “Caught My Eye” (CME)! This is CME edition #320 – is that cool or what?

If you are a first-time visitor, CME is posted right here every Friday morning. This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. I often throw in a touch of sarcasm to make you smile – or to irritate you just a little – maybe both.

Topics this week include Presidential debate poll results, Judge John McKeon, endorsements & Dirk Sandefur, The Western Word picks the winning candidates (so far), City of Great Falls & cellphones, and much more!

Presidential Debate & Poll:

The results are in for The Western Word (TWW) poll which asked readers who won the final presidential debate:

TIE: 4%

I thought Trump did very well for the first 20-30 minutes in which he won that part easily, but then Clinton baited him and he took it. He went off the rail. I think that Clinton acted more presidential in the foreign policy area – where she schooled him.

Trump’s comments about the election system being “rigged” are harming our democratic process. When asked if he would accept the election results if Clinton won, Trump’s comments cost him dearly:

“I will look at it at the time. I’m not looking at anything now,” he said. “I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense.” (AP)

Trump said the next day he would accept the election results if he won.

His negative comments about the media covering the election have placed some members of the media in harm’s way. I don’t always agree with the reports from the press, and they are often their own opinions, but Trump must not say things that his supporters will use to harm members of the media.

There are still over two weeks left and many people have already voted, but right now I don’t see Trump getting much more than 40% of the nationwide vote. An October surprise might change that, but it would have to be a big surprise.

Montana State District Judge John McKeon:

I used to write about people in Montana who were “Making Montana Proud.” This section in my Caught My Eye column highlighted people who had embarrassed Montana in some way – like getting multiple drunk driving convictions, being a city official and getting caught driving drunk. A District Judge, G. Todd Baugh, who during a sentencing said a 14-year-old rape victim appeared older than her chronological age made the list.

Judge John McKeon would make the list. He recently imposed a 60-day jail sentence plus probation on a Montana man who repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter. McKeon embarrassed Montana. His story has made CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, CBS News, and New York Magazine, not to mention every news source in Montana.

Judge John McKeon – you are an embarrassment to Montana and all humanity.

Those Pesky Endorsements:

Speaking of Judge John McKeon, sometimes it is nice to tout your endorsements on your campaign website, but other times a candidate might tick people off when someone endorses him/her that voters don’t like. It’s like if you own a business and host a fundraiser there, the folks who don’t like that candidate may take their business elsewhere.

I do that all the time. I sometimes base my votes on who supports the candidate.

Montana Supreme Court candidate Dirk Sandefur is one of those candidates who have a substantial list of endorsements on his website. I don’t know if he asked for them or if they were given voluntarily. If I was an attorney who appeared in front of a judge often, I would probably feel compelled to donate to the judge’s campaign or endorse the judge. I have said that judges should not be elected and they shouldn’t prostitute themselves like politicians. It’s demeaning. I am undecided in the Supreme Court Justice #3 race. I respect both candidates in this race.

I happened to catch a blog post over at “Republican Uprising” about Sandefur being endorsed by Judge John McKeon. There’s even a saved screenshot in case the endorsement was scrubbed. As of this morning, it’s still there.

The blog post also said there’s a petition which now has more than 67,000 signatures (as of this morning) on that calls for the impeachment of Judge John McKeon. Here is the wording:

A father raped his daughter multiple times and will only serve 60 days of jail time. Judge John C. McKeon sentenced 40 year-old Martin Blake to only 60 days of incarceration and probation for the admitted, multiple rapes of his 12 year-old. Judge McKeon even gave Blake credit for the 17 days served while awaiting trial, meaning he will only serve 43 days for the brutal sexual assault.

Yes, those pesky endorsements can backfire…

If The Election Was Held Today:

Almost every week until Election Day (mostly on Friday), I will pick who I think is winning eight key races from President on down to state-wide races in Montana. This does not mean they will be the winners in November or that I am personally supporting them, I just think they are winning their contests at this particular time. These picks are made from what I am hearing, seeing, and from my vast experience in the political world!

If the election was held today, I think the winners would be:

President: Hillary Clinton
–I liked the way Donald Trump started during the final debate, but the last hour or so he self-destructed. If he could have shown himself to be presidential in the final debate, he had a chance, but he did not. I don’t see Trump getting too far above 40% of the nationwide vote unless something big happens to Clinton.

MT House At-Large: Ryan Zinke
-A recent poll showed Zinke with a large lead over Denise Juneau.

MT Governor: Steve Bullock
-A recent poll showed this race virtually tied. I still think in the end Bullock will beat Greg Gianforte unless there’s an October surprise.

MT Secretary of State: Toss-up
-I think Corey Stapleton is making some headway in this race and he can thank current Secretary of State, Linda McCulloch, who is supporting Monica Lindeen for her help. McCulloch released information about the voting records of two candidates running to fill her office and it backfired.

MT Attorney General: Tim Fox
-Fox should win this race over Larry Jent.

MT State Auditor: Toss-up
-A new poll showed Jesse Laslovich losing to Matt Rosendale by 10 points, but there were several undecideds. Whichever candidate has the best ground game in the final two weeks will win this.

MT OPI: Toss-up
-Elsie Arntzen has a slight lead in a recent poll over Melissa Romano. Romano is getting some help but just like the Auditor race, whichever candidate has the best ground game in the final two weeks will win this.

MT Supreme Court Justice #3: Toss-up
-A recent poll shows Kristen Juras with a slight lead over Dirk Sandefur, with more voters undecided than supporting the candidates. The Great Falls Tribune has a story posted today about a candidate forum in Great Falls where Sandefur went “on attack” saying Juras’ “ignorance is astounding.” The story did not paint a favorable picture of Sandefur. Nonetheless, this is another race that the ground game will decide. What ads or info will come out in the final two weeks?

If you see any of the races differently or just want to yell at me, let me know in the comment section or send me an email (

Great Falls Cellphone Fines:

Apparently, the folks who are running the city of Great Falls (mayor, city attorney, commissioners) have found a gold mine in issuing tickets to people for cellphone violations, so they are considering “tougher penalties” (which means more money in the city’s coffer).

The Great Falls Tribune has the story HERE.

Give me a break. I’ve been against this circus from the clowns in charge of Great Falls since it was first proposed. I’ve never received a ticket for using my cellphone, either. I often find myself wondering if any members of the commission can even operate a cellphone.

Now someone with way too much time on their hands has proposed not only an increase in fines but community service and forfeiture of license plates of the vehicle or the driver’s license.

One of these days someone with deep pockets is going to get one of those silly tickets and fight it and this money maker for Great Falls may come a tumbling down. I would probably request a jury trial if I received a $100 cellphone ticket – just to make them earn their money. (I am not an attorney and I don’t even play one on TV.)

Eating fries and cheeseburgers can also cause distracted driving. How can you not eat the hot fries on the way home? It’s distracting! Around 7:30 every weekday morning someone drives by my house with a dog in their car that barks every few seconds. That has to be distracting the driver. By the way, I think the dog is barking “Look at me, look at me, I’m riding in a car” as he/she is being driven past my house.

Like I have written before, if these officials would spend as much time combating drunk driving as they are on the moronic cellphone ordinance, Great Falls might actually be a safer place.

If more revenue is the goal because of poor spending in the past, city officials should hold a bake sale…

One More Thing:

I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election – if I win. – U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump 102016 (Reuters)

## END ##

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