Monday’s Quick Hits

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. – John F. Kennedy

I was traveling this weekend – out on the open road! Is this a great country or what? This week is shaping up to be a good one – World Series, politics, football, and Halloween is one week away! Are you ready for another great week?

Today I take a look at concerns about Zinke’s residency, plus I take a look at the 2016 Campaign Fliers. Enjoy!

Home Sweet Home:

Great news! The long state nightmare is over – a reporter for Lee Newspapers took the bait from the Montana Democrats and asked Ryan Zinke about his residency.

In a story posted late Sunday evening, Lee Newspapers reported:

Democrats started pegging Zinke as having more ties to California than Montana in 2014, when Zinke ran against John Lewis, a former aide to then-Sen. Max Baucus. In a debate in June that year Lewis said Zinke lived in California, to which Zinke responded with his Whitefish address – 409 Second St. W.

That address is now owned by Continental Divide International, a trust of sorts created by Zinke, who also owns two other nearby parcels. Zinke said he bought the property from his mother, who inherited it from his grandparents.

Zinke was born in Bozeman, Montana. His opponent, Denise Juneau, was born in Oakland, California.

Maybe there is a little California dreaming going on in this race…

2016 Campaign Fliers:

So far this election season I have received 13 campaign fliers either in the mail or placed on my doorknob.

Twelve of the thirteen were pro-candidate fliers or postcards.

That’s quite a step up (so far) from in the past where I received fliers with photos of mass murderers and abortion photos.

The only somewhat negative one was one from Montanans for Fiscal Responsibility telling me that if I vote for Initiative I-181 that it contains a “huge hidden tax” and that my “Tax Bill Could Go Up.”

I-181 is the Initiative that promotes research into developing therapies and cures for brain diseases and injuries. Back on October 17, I wrote this about I-181:

The first thing I liked about I-181 was that it would be used to help my fellow veterans. The second thing I liked was that it would be used to fund research in Montana which means jobs.

We can’t go wrong with this – I urge you to vote “Yes” on I-181.

This is a great start to the 2016 election season, but there’s still over two weeks left…

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