The Wednesday Read: Emails, Ads, TWW Poll, & Fact Checkers

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. – Winston Churchill

Today these items caught my attention:

  • Bullock’s Emails
  • Gianforte’s New Ad
  • Zinke’s New Ad
  • TWW Debate Poll Results
  • Fact Checkers

Bullock’s Emails:

The Great Falls Tribune reported earlier this week that the chairman of the state Senate Judiciary Committee (Scott Sales) asked Attorney General Tim Fox on Monday to do an inquiry to determine why Gov. Steve Bullock’s state emails from Bullock’s time as attorney general were deleted instead of being transferred to the state archives.

Sales and Fox are both Republicans. Bullock is a Democrat.

I wonder if Sales contacted Fox from his private email address ( which is listed on his Legislator profile on the State of Montana’s website. By the way, how can Sales use a campaign email for official state business?

The Tribune also reported that last week, Montana GOP chairman Jeff Essmann called on the governor in a letter to not destroy any more emails. Essmann told the Tribune that the letter was not a political maneuver. If you believe that I have some oceanfront property to sell you near Geyser.

After reading the Tribune story, it’s no wonder people hate political parties so much – it’s a clown show some days.

Gianforte’s New Ad:

Republican candidate for Montana Governor, Greg Gianforte, has a new 30-second campaign ad posted called “Fish Stories.”


Gianforte is shown fly fishing in a stream. He introduces himself and says, “It’s a good thing I have these waders because it’s getting deep in the campaign.” He then says, “I knew it would be a challenge to take on the career politicians in Helena because they will say or do anything to hold on to power.” He then says, “But all the attacks ads in the world won’t change the fact that we’re 49th in wages. So I’ll keep talking about bringing high-wage jobs to Montana no matter how many ‘fish stories’ they tell about me.”

It is getting deep in the Montana gubernatorial campaign – from both sides. I like the ad and it reminded me that I really need to go fishing more. As for 49th in wages, that has been a big talking point for Gianforte. Some don’t agree with that number.

Often we see Montana candidates, especially Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte, talking about their outdoor adventures and with photos to show they are outdoorsy. Most Montanans could not even afford most of the gear they use on their little weekend adventures.

I do like the message that it is “getting deep” and I like fishing. I give this ad an eight out of 10 (8/10). You can view the ad HERE.

Zinke’s New Ad:

On Tuesday the Zinke for Congress campaign released a new campaign ad, titled, “Public” which is a 30-second ad. Here is the transcript:

VOICEOVER: “Denise Juneau claimed Congressman Zinke wanted to sell our public lands.
Fact checkers said that’s not true.
Ryan Zinke even stood up to his own party to protect our lands.
Ryan’s a lifelong hunter, fisherman, and he’s endorsed by the Outdoor Industry Association.
Zinke’s one of us.
Juneau lies about Montana lands. Zinke fights to preserve our land.”
ZINKE: “I’m Ryan Zinke and I approve this message.”

First, applause to the Zinke campaign for sending the transcript of the ad with their press release. That’s professional.


I always get a kick out of the unflattering photos used by campaigns to show their opponent. They show an unflattering photo and sometimes the opponent is moving in slow motion. If I was in one of those ads, they would probably catch me eating with my mouth open or rubbing my nose. Maybe worse.

The Zinke ad sets the record straight. He had to respond to the “Expect” ad by the Juneau campaign. It was not that exciting.

I’ll give the Zinke ad “Public” a seven out of ten (7/10). You can view the ad HERE.

TWW Debate Poll Results:

During the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I posted a poll on The Western Word asking readers who won the debate. I closed the poll early this morning. Here are the results:

TRUMP: 30%
TIE: 9%

Most people who have participated in debates or follow debating closely believe that Clinton easily won. You can read my full analysis of the debate HERE.

Fact Checkers:

Julianna Goldman of CBS Evening News reported on a story last night that was a “Holy Cow” moment for me:

Fact checkers were kept busy during Monday night’s presidential debate. CBS News and other organizations found that 80 percent of the false statements belonged to Donald Trump.

Great googly moogly.

Watch the report HERE.


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  1. One of the things I haven’t heard any of the mainstream media reports discuss is Trump’s assertion that our economy is in shambles and ready to go off the edge. This is clear in his claim, which is correct, that whenever we raise interest rates a quarter of a point – or even hint that we will – there’s an economic panic and a massive sell off in the stock market.

    Is that the sign of a strong economy?

    He also had strong words against the Fed. Again, this is not being reported.

    Why is that?

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