The First Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – one will be the next President of the United States of America. Lord help us!

Here are my thoughts about the first presidential debate.

Saturday Night Live may have to expand their show to fit all the skits they could do from this one 90 minute debate.

It was one of the most anticipated presidential debates ever. For the first half, it mostly lived up to expectations. For some, it was probably not nasty enough.

You can vote for who you think won the debate right here at The Western Word. I will keep the poll open until early Wednesday morning.

Right after Lester Holt said, “Good evening from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. I’m Lester Holt, anchor of ‘NBC Nightly News.’ I want to welcome you to the first presidential debate” he lost control of the debate. He never regained it.

Holt kind of disappeared for several minutes in the first half. People were joking that he must be in the restroom. During this time is when Trump was running over Clinton. Trump, as he often did during the GOP Primary debates, bordered on being a jerk. Trump came out very aggressive and was tough on Clinton.

Trump interrupted Clinton often. That’s his style and some people like it. Even when he was not answering questions, he sniffled a lot off camera which set Twitter on fire with #TrumpSniffle. Some Tweets were hilarious.

It seemed that Trump ran out of gas after the first 25-35 minutes. Clinton looked more presidential during the debate. Her answers had more substance because she has the experience. She did not hit a home run, but Trump seemed unprepared to give thorough answers. Often he had a hard time filling the two minutes to answer the question.

Trump’s people are probably telling him this morning that he will do much better next time if he prepares.

Trump has still not released his taxes, and now while still using the audit excuse, he has learned to pivot and bring up Clinton’s emails. Trump should release his taxes. Clinton was forceful enough to give people something to think about since Trump has not released his taxes.

Neither candidate probably changed many minds with their performances.

There were no questions about veterans, and there were no questions about Clinton’s emails, Benghazi, or the Clinton Foundation.

If you want a non-career politician and businessperson running the country, Trump is your candidate.

If you want someone with a lot of experience running the country, then Clinton is your candidate.

Several news organizations did “Fact Checks” on the candidate’s answers. Click on the name of the organization to see their fact checking articles:

Associated PressNew York TimesPolitifact


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  2. Her mic drop moment was when he condescendingly invoked her health while mentioning she was off the trail and she replied that yes she had been preparing [for the debate] and that she is prepared to be President.

  3. Hillary kept the stoic and unemotional face when Trump was talking, but Trump had all kinds of looks on his face. We also didn’t see the height difference between the two candidates, though Trump did have to stoop to the microphone to speak while Hillary could stand up straight.

    All of these things were due to the split screen format that NBC chose. They all hurt Trump.

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