Monday’s Quick Hits

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. – Maya Angelou

Welcome to Monday – Are you ready for a great week?

Today I take a look at:

  • Montana Governor
  • Bozeman Daily Chronicle & Zinke
  • Citizens for Worse Schools
  • The Debate
  • Very Little Confidence

Montana Governor:

ICYMI – MTN Chief Political Reporter Mike Dennison posted a couple of his stories about the Montana Governor race that is well worth the read.

Here they are:

There are new campaign ads in the Montana Governor’s race. I will try to take a look at them later this week. I wonder what the record is for most televised campaign ads run by a candidate in Montana history?

Bozeman Daily Chronicle & Zinke:

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle Editorial Board went after U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke over his stance about the Forest Service ban on target shooting in the Hyalite Creek drainage south of Bozeman. Read it HERE.

The BDC Editorial Board stated:

If Rep. Zinke wants to do something constructive, he should facilitate talks between shooters and forest managers about setting up a safe shooting range in the area where shooters could police their own ranks and ensure public safety.

But micromanaging a thoughtful and cautious decision on the part of forest managers on this issue is not a wise use of a public office.

I’m sure Rep. Zinke is taking notes…

Citizens for Worse Schools:

I enjoyed the Great Falls Tribune’s “The Edge” column on Saturday about a group calling themselves “Citizens for Better Schools” which the Tribune said is opposed to the bond issues to repair/replace several public schools in Great Falls.

The key point was this:

A better name would be “Citizens for Worse Schools,” because that’s what we would get if Great Falls voters opt not to repair their school buildings. This is the first comprehensive effort to fix school structures in Great Falls in nearly 50 years.

I support the bond measures in Great Falls. ICYMI – Read my column about it HERE.

The Debate:

Get ready – I will be tweeting during the Presidential debate tonight @TheWesternWord. Toward the end of the debate, I will be posting a poll asking readers who they think won. The poll will stay up until Wednesday morning – so tell your friends to vote!

Here are a couple of key pre-debate points:

  • Trump won the GOP nomination for being bombastic and on the attack during the GOP primary debates. The easy-going teleprompter-reading candidate that Trump portrays sometimes does not do him well. Which one will show up tonight?
  • Clinton is the better-qualified of the two candidates. She needs to show the country and be presidential against each and every Trump attack.

I think this will be the most-watched reality TV show of all time. I heard someone suggest that during the debate, some TV stations should show a “puppy bowl” for those who don’t like to watch debates. Good idea…

Very Little Confidence:

Gallup released a new poll today that shows:

The campaigning over the past four months has done little to improve Americans’ confidence in the potential presidencies of either major-party candidate. Americans are about as likely to say Hillary Clinton (33%) and Donald Trump (25%) would be a “great” or “good” president as they were in May. More Americans still think each candidate would make a “poor” or “terrible” president than a “good” or “great” one.

It’s good to see others feeling the same way I do about this Presidential election. I think a good Presidential ticket would be if vice Presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine were on the same ticket.


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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits

  1. I guess one could.say the Gov. Bullock outsourced our marketing to Cheeseheads. Remember when Hamilton had a billboard created by a marketing firm outside Montana. The billboard was to tout our great fishing there. The billboard showed a fisherman catching a BASS and not a trout! Maybe we’ll get a billboard with a walleye on it!

    • Barry – I remember that. Funny stuff. I do think that Montana businesses should have some sort of advantage when there are bids open to Mt Government contracts – I just don’t know what the rules would be. That marketing contract process smells although Bullock did do his best to explain it. -JmB

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