Vote YES for Great Falls Kids!

Some might think of the upcoming bond measures for Great Falls Public Schools (GFPS) as the “go big or go home” plan to raise money for public schools. The two bond measures, if approved, will raise $98.8 million to construct, renovate, and modernize the public schools in Great Falls, Montana.

If approved it will cost someone with a $150k home just $8.59 per month. That’s really not that much of an investment to have nicer and safer schools for generations to come.

When I decided to leave the military over 24 years ago, one reason my family and I stayed in Great Falls was because of the outstanding public schools. I could have moved anywhere in the United States, but I picked Great Falls, Montana, to raise a family. Now my kids have graduated from GFPS and they received an excellent education. By the way, the music department in GFPS is second to none.

I could be a stick in the mud and say that since my kids are done with Great Falls schools, I won’t pay more, but I want to see our schools reach new heights with better and safer facilities. I’m proud to call Great Falls home. I want to see our community project a positive image to those who are moving here via the military or thinking about locating a business here. Paying $8.59 per month is my way of helping to promote Great Falls – and it will help our children, teachers, and community immensely.

I commend the Yes Great Falls Kids Ballot Initiative Committee, School Board members, GFPS Superintendent Tammy Lacey, and other GFPS administrators who have provided tons of information about the ballot initiative so that all voters can be fully informed. If political candidates were as up front and honest in answering questions as the pro-initiative folks have been, our country would be in much better shape.

So when it comes to “go big or go home” in Great Falls on this ballot initiative – I will proudly be voting to “Go Big!” Please join me by voting “Yes” for both the elementary and high school bonds on October 4.


More information about the bond measures can be found HERE and HERE.


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  2. Best of luck on this vote. It’s crazy what we are willing to spend on so casually & then turn around and object to something so important.

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