MT Governor Debate Poll

Who do you think won the Montana Gubernatorial debate Monday night between incumbent Democrat Steve Bullock and challenger Republican Greg Gianforte?



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3 thoughts on “MT Governor Debate Poll

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  2. We need to remember that Gianforte is but an average citizen. He is a successful tech geek with good intentions for our State. Bullock has had ample opportunity to provide leadership and prosperity to Montana citizens. He chooses to diminish rights while hide spending and personal activity. Even the appearance of impropriaty is unacceptable for the governors office.
    To date, I will trust the future of my family to Gianforte and his positive outlook for our citizens. It takes a team of solid elected individuals to accomplish the tasks ahead of us! Game on Bullock!

  3. Hard to believe a guy blown up by IUD is Governor! LOL!!! Both fumbled alot and both failed to answer the questions asked. I don’t get the warm and fuzzy about either.

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