The Wednesday Read: New Juneau Ad, Bumper Stickers, MT Gov Poll Results

None are more unjust in their judgments of others than those who have a high opinion of themselves. – Charles Spurgeon

Today these items caught my attention:

  • New Juneau Ad
  • Bumper Sticker Mania
  • MT Gov Debate Poll Results

New Juneau Ad:

We have a response to the recent attack ad called “Bang” from Congressman Ryan Zinke!

This is the ad in which Zinke says his opponent, Denise Juneau, supports more gun control. The new Juneau ad also mentions the public lands issue that is being talked about in several Montana campaigns.


Juneau hits back at Zinke with a new ad called “Expect.” The ad calls Zinke a “Washington politician” and saying his “claims” have been called “wrong” and “shocking” by the press. The ad then says, “The Truth? Denise Juneau supports the Second Amendment and keeping public lands public.”

The second part of the ad then hits Zinke saying he “abandoned Montana, voting against our public lands, even signed a pledge to sell them off the highest bidder.”

The ad closes saying “Ryan Zinke, Washington values, wrong for Montana.”

I’ll give the Juneau ad “Expect” a seven out of ten (7/10). You can view the ad HERE

Bumper Sticker Mania:

Over the summer I asked several state-wide and national candidates to send me a bumper sticker. Many responded, some blew me off, and some did not have a “contact” link on their website to even ask (which is weird).

The campaign for Congressman Ryan Zinke gets an “A” for providing me with some campaign swag! Besides the bumper sticker, I received a one of the ISIS Hunting Permits, a Commander Ryan Zinke coin, and a brochure. Thanks to Evan from the Zinke campaign for the stuff:


If you are state-wide candidate and would like to see your bumper sticker featured here on one of the “prominent” Montana blogs, send me an email (

Montana Gubernatorial Debate Poll Results:

A couple people contacted me asking me about my thoughts on the Montana Gubernatorial debate held Monday night in Billings. I’ve only seen a few minutes of the debate, but I hope to watch it for my Friday column.

I did ask my readers which candidate they felt won the debate. The response was overwhelming – and it went back and forth until I closed the poll around 5:00 a.m. this morning.

Here are the final results:

BULLOCK: 53.2%
TIE: 2.4%

Thanks for participating!


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