Monday’s Odd & Ends

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been. – Rainer Maria Rilke

Hello Monday – Welcome to 2016!

It’s time for another odds and ends edition from the past weekend! When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into one column and call it “Potpourri” or “Odds & Ends” or something catchy to get your attention.

Today’s topics include:

  • Gianforte & the Gazette
  • Gianforte & Money
  • Cooney’s Pay Cut
  • Obama & Guns
  • Fiorina & the Rose Bowl
  • NFL Playoffs

Gianforte & the Gazette:

Maybe I should play the theme song from the western movie called, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” for this story!

The editor of the Billings Gazette, Darrell Ehrlick, called out possible candidate for Montana Governor Greg Gianforte over the weekend. It was like a “meet me at the O.K. Corral” type of call-out. Ehrlick is unhappy that Gianforte is not answering questions about his religion and “is only talking about what Gianforte wants to talk about.”

Ehrlick cited an article from the Associated Press (AP) as the basis for his opinion. I also thought the AP could have asked better questions in their interview.

Maybe we need better people asking questions?

In his opinion, Ehrlick comes across as a gunslinger that, if given the chance, will fire questions at Gianforte about Noah, Moses, and the three wise men like they were coming out of the barrel of a semi-automatic rifle.

He closes his column with this challenge:

So, Mr. Gianforte, anytime you’re ready, I have some questions for you.

On the record, of course.

Good luck with that…

Gianforte & Money:

THIS JUST IN: We have reports circulating around the internet saying that possible GOP Montana Governor candidate Greg Gianforte is freaking rich.

The Associated Press (AP) did not say Gianforte was “freaking rich” in their “exclusive” story, but they did say he reported income of $220.5 million and federal and state tax payments of nearly $35 million between 2005 and 2014.

Read the “exclusive” story HERE.

Cooney’s Pay Cut:

MTN News is reporting that when Mike Cooney takes over as lieutenant governor, he’ll be taking a pay cut of $20,000 a year.

Cooney’s current job is deputy director of the state Labor Department, which MTN reports he is paid an annual salary of about $106,500. The lieutenant governor earns $86,400 a year.

How on earth will Cooney pay his bills?

When it was discovered that Lt. Governor Angela McLean would get a pay increase when she moved from Lt. Governor to the Office of Higher Education, Rep. Tom Burnett, R-Bozeman, managed to get a story written about it by Phil Drake of the Great Falls Tribune for basically asking why.

I said at that time that Burnett should get an award or something for getting a news story published about nothing.

Since Burnett got his five minutes of fame last time, I wonder if he will contact the press about Cooney’s salary. Maybe Phil Drake will ask him for comments.

Obama & Guns:

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting that President Barack Obama will finalize a set of new executive actions tightening the nation’s gun laws this week.

OMG! They told us Obama was coming for our guns and we didn’t listen!

Those on the far right are probably thinking this is the final sign for the apocalypse.

We have checks and balances in our government, so the President can’t do much. I still have the same number of guns in my home that I had during the Bush administration and unless they are stolen or I get rid of them, I will have the same number a year from now after Hillary is elected President…

Fiorina & the Rose Bowl:

GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is a Stanford graduate. Stanford was playing Iowa in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s day. The Iowa Caucus is February 1.

So Fiorina Tweeted, “Love my alma mater, but rooting for a Hawkeyes win today. #RoseBowl”

That’s pandering 101.

On Sunday and days after Stanford trounced Iowa, Fiorina said she was joking.

Is that your story, Mr. Fiorina?

NFL Playoffs:

My Kansas City Chiefs are in the playoffs! They have won 10 games in a row and travel to Houston to play the Texans this Saturday.

My Chiefs have not won a playoff game since Moby Dick was a minnow (January 1994 and Joe Montana was our quarterback), but I have hope the curse will end this Saturday.

Things I didn’t get to…

-The Oregon Ducks football team blew a 31 point lead to TCU in the Alamo Bowl…#Quack
-GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson had a campaign shake-up

## END ##

10 thoughts on “Monday’s Odd & Ends

  1. Cooney’s pay cut will be offset by his wife’s appointment to a district court judgeship, which earns approximately $126,000 annually. A whole lot of taxpayer bling bling going on in that household!

    • HighPoint – That’s a good point. Merica!! Thanks for stopping by. -JmB

  2. Barry, I agree with you that we must separate church and state but the Gianforte track record does not indicate that he would be able to do that if he should run.

    • Kathy, I was actually being sarcastic about it. I don’t believe a persons faith has any major bearing on the candidates actions. It is an integral part of who they are, you can’t separate that from the person any more then their skin color, which is also of no bearing. The separation of church and state by our founding fathers was meant to keep the country from becoming a religious entity, not removing a religious belief from the person or religion from the country as many liberals believe…

      • Unfortunately there are too many political candidates from dog-catcher to President who DO want to make this a “Christian Nation”. For example, the god bothering vagina meddlers.

      • I see my doug app worked! Just kidding!

        Roughly 74% of the US population is Christian in some form.

  3. Gianforte & the Gazette:
    I would think in this liberal PC world we live in, that we must separate church and state, so his religion or beliefs shouldn’t be an issue. Besides, he isn’t even a candidate yet, so Ehrlick should wait until he declares before he calls him out!

    Obama and guns:
    Background checks should be a part of all gun transactions. While it could lead to a national registry, we are a long way from the feds taking our guns. I just wonder how many guns purchased at gun shows or privately are used in crimes? My guess is that percentage is close to legal purchased gun percentage.

    As a 43 year Raider fan, last night was a good game and KC was probably a bit nervous towards the end. See you next season!

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