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Reminder: Veterans Day is this Tuesday, November 11. That is a great day (as is every day) to thank a veteran for their service.

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Today I write about Malmstrom’s Security Forces, Montana Supreme Court, Amanda has options, Democrats: Don’t Jump, Jeannette Rankin, most misused Social Security Number, KC Chiefs to Play in London, and much more!

Malmstrom AFB:

A salute goes to the competitors from Malmstrom AFB who participated in the Global Strike Challenge. A big round of applause goes to Malmstrom’s Security Forces who won the Charlie Fire Team Trophy for the best security forces team. They also won for best security forces tactics and for best M4 shooter. Malmstrom also won for best helicopter crew.

You can read the list of winners HERE.

The years I served as a member of the Security Forces were some of the best times of my life – “Best job I ever had!”

MT Supreme Court:

The Billings Gazette editorial board says it’s “Time to rethink Montana Supreme Court contests” in their editorial published today. I agree. I mentioned that Wednesday as one of the issues the legislature should address.

One of the reasons the Gazette wants to “rethink” it is because of all the outside money that was spent on the race between Mike Wheat and Lawrence VanDyke.

It’s very easy to see that by electing Supreme Court judges in Montana, some group gets to buy the election.

The Gazette says Montana should look at the “The Missouri Plan” to select judges which I discussed about two years ago in this column.

I’m glad the Gazette noticed the problem – now I hope the leaders in the state will do something before the Montana Supreme Court becomes even more tainted.

Amanda Curtis:

U.S. Senate candidate Amanda Curtis sent a final e-mail Wednesday afternoon saying, “Together, we’ve built something special – a true blue grassroots movement grounded in Montana values. I know that we’ve started something that will not end today. We’re going to keep fighting for a better deal for Montana’s working families.”

She closes the note with “I’ll be in touch.”

There are several options for Curtis in 2016 if she decides to stay in politics. The one that stands out is Superintendent of Public Instruction because Denise Juneau is term-limited.

Or, she can continue to teach – which is a much worthier profession than politician.

Democrats: Don’t Jump!

President Barack Obama held a press conference Wednesday afternoon about the mid-term elections where he told reporters “Obviously, Republicans had a good night.”

Yes, they kicked some serious butt Tuesday. It’s also not the end of the world, but many Democrats can probably believe they can see it from their kitchen window.

This type of butt-kicking happens in politics. Remember the “Republican Revolution” of 1994 when the GOP won 54 House and 9 U.S. Senate seats. In 2006, it was the Democrats’ turn as they took control of the House and Senate winning six Senate seats and 31 House seats. Now we have the 2014 election that gave the GOP control of the Senate and they added seats to their majority in the House.

It’s a good time for state and national Democrats to examine their leaders and their message for 2016 – but they should not jump overboard.

The tide will turn in a few years – it always does – just watch.

On this Date:

Back in 1916, Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman elected to Congress.

Most Misused Social Security Number:

And you thought everyone had their own number! Hilda Schrader Whitcher’s SSA number was used by several people as their own.

You can read the story about Social Security Number, 078-05-1120, HERE.

KC Chiefs to Play in London:

On Thursday the NFL announced that the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Detroit Lions in London next season. The Chiefs are the “home” team for the game in London meaning we will lose a home game – a game at Arrowhead – which has the record for the loudest crowd at an outdoor stadium.

I don’t like it – most fans hate it, too.

One More Thing:

Don’t forget to stretch…


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  1. The best comment to enhance Barack Obama’s “Obviously, the Republicans had a good night” statement was “The American People had a good night!”

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