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“Thursday Numbers” is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with sarcasm) just to make you smile, shake your head, or make you send me nasty e-mails or Tweets.

This week I write about votes cast, unemployment, Cascade County attorney, Arkansas congressional delegation, cellphone violation, women in the next congress, repealing Obamacare, voter turnout, U.S. House, Glenn Frey, “compromising and getting things done,” a new digital news channel, close contests, vacancy in office of United States senator, price of gas, and much more!


That’s how many votes were cast in Tuesday’s election. There are 674,262 registered voters in Montana. (Source)

I voted!


That’s how many people filed new claims for unemployment last week. It was a decrease from the week before. (Source)


That’s how many votes were cast in Cascade County Montana on Tuesday. County Attorney John Parker was running unopposed, but he only received 18,475 votes. (Source)

People are very unhappy with Parker’s work as County Attorney. I did not vote for him; I left that section blank. I encourage anyone who wants this job to start making plans now.


For the first time in 141 years there won’t be any Democrats in the Arkansas congressional delegation. (Source)


That’s how much it will cost you in Great Falls, Montana, for a cellphone violation (the first time). The violation is using a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. In today’s Great Falls Tribune there are eight people listed in the Municipal Court section for cellphone violations. I read the Tribune each day and that seems to be about average.

The city is making some decent money from this ordinance, which I am against.


There will be at least 101 women in the next congress. (Source)


According to the headline from “100% of Newly Elected GOP Senators Campaigned on Repealing Obamacare.”

Good luck with that – if the GOP keeps majorities in the senate and house after the 2016 elections and puts a Republican in the White House then it could happen. It’s a waste of time to vote on it before then.


That’s the voter turnout (76.28%) for McCone County Montana in Tuesday’s election, which looks to be the best in Montana. (Source)


According to The Hill, “President Obama has lost nearly 70 seats in the House since taking office and more seats in midterm elections than any president since Harry Truman.” (Source)

It happens. The Democrats need some new leaders – with a new approach.


Glenn Frey from The Eagles turns 66 today.

I recently watched the documentary “History of the Eagles” and it was great – I recommend it.


Voter turnout was 54.62% in Montana on Tuesday. (Source)


A new post-election poll from Gallup found, “Nearly a third of Americans, 31%, say their newly elected representatives should not focus on a specific issue, but rather on fixing the way Congress operates, including paying more attention to constituents, compromising and getting things done.”

“…compromising and getting things done” – I’m all for that.


Republican Elise Stefanik is 30 years old. She is the youngest woman elected to Congress in history. (Source)



CBS is launching a 24-hour digital news channel today. (Source)


In Montana’s House District 23, Republican Wendy McKamey leads Democrat Earl Salley by 17 votes. (Source)


Here in Montana we may be hearing more about this section in the Montana Code which deals with:

Vacancy in office of United States senator.  (1) If a vacancy occurs in the office of United States senator, an election to fill the vacancy shall be held at the next general election. If the election is invalid or not held at that time, the election to fill the vacancy shall be held at the next succeeding general election.
(2) The governor may make a temporary appointment to fill the vacancy until the election.

Should U.S. Senator-elect Steve Daines be sworn in as Montana’s next U.S. Senator before January? It looks like it. If it helps Daines (and Montana) get little more seniority than the other new senators, then it would be a good thing. It could be done as soon as Montana’s election results are made official.


According to The Hill, Senate Democrats have lost “a net of at least 13 seats since Obama took office.” (Source)


In Montana’s Senate District 49, Democrat Diane Sands leads Republican Dick Haines by just seven votes. (Source)

Looks like recount time!


That’s the price of gas in Great Falls, Montana. (Source)

It’s the first time it’s been below $3.00 per gallon for a long long time. Happy days are here again…


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