MT Governor 2012: Fear the Beard?

There are several news reports that State Senator Dave Wanzenried (Democrat from Missoula) is running for Montana Governor in 2012. Current Governor, Democrat Brian Schweitzer, is prevented from running again due to term limits.

There are already three Republicans who have announced: former U.S. Congressman Rick Hill of Helena, former state Senator Ken Miller of Laurel and former state Senator Corey Stapleton of Billings.

I don’t know much about Wanzenried, but you can see by the information contained in his Project Vote Smart page that he probably leans pretty far left. Wanzenried has served in the Montana State House and Senate since 2000.

If Wanzenried still has the beard that he has in this photo, I suggest he use the motto we heard about during the World Series about San Francisco pitcher Brian Wilson. We heard chants and read signs with “Fear the Beard” a lot during the series. This could be a good campaign theme for Wanzenried. Come to think of it, that could also be a good campaign theme for his opponent, too.

He may need to dye it black though, or he could be mistaken for Santa Claus (it’s the season). But, being mistaken for Santa Claus may be a good thing – he brings us a lot of joy (and gifts). Everyone likes Santa…

For some reason, we just don’t see too many people with beards get elected to statewide office or Congress, or as President. Charles Manson kind of ruined it.

Most Democrats I have talked with are hoping that current Attorney General Steve Bullock decides to run for Governor. He’s raising money…for some office…and we see his name in the newspapers and his face on television getting some free air time and getting his name recognition up. He does not have a beard…

2012 is shaping up to be a fun time in politics. Check The Western Word often for insight…

5 thoughts on “MT Governor 2012: Fear the Beard?

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  4. I thought the beard thing was odd, too – don’t recall the last time ANY governor (or high-ranking gov official) sported a beard. Bill Richardson had a semi-beard a while back, but that’s the only modern-example I can think of.

    And re: Bullock – can easily see him winning the Governor’s race.

    • Good point on Richardson. Don’t know if he had the semi beard look when he ran for NM Gov or not. I think he had it when he was running for Prez.
      Bullock is running. He’s out in the public way too much not to be.

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