Montana Legislature: The Death Penalty Debate

In what has become as normal as lobbyists having receptions in Helena, it seems each session the Montana Legislature debates the death penalty. The debate receives a lot of coverage from the media as both sides present very emotional reasons for support and non-support of the death penalty.

This session it is Senate Bill 185 which was introduced by State Senator Dave Wanzenried, a Democrat from Missoula. Readers may remember that Wanzenried wants to be Montana’s next Governor (See my Fear the Beard column).

The Associated Press covered the debate and reported this interesting quote from Wanzenried:

“Interestingly enough the people that have come here share the belief in the sanctity of life,” Wanzenried said of the legislators who could pass the bill. “So I’m hoping those people would apply that judgment to this particular bill.”

That statement seems like a pretty desperate attempt to tie someone wanting to protect the life of an unborn child to the life of someone who has brutally murdered another human being.

The unborn child did nothing wrong; the convicted murderer did.

I am in favor of the death penalty. I always have been and probably always will be in favor of it.

My main reason is simple: I believe in God and the Bible and I try to use it as my guide to life (or rulebook). There are several passages in the Bible that speak to the use of the death penalty, starting in Genesis.

Every other reason takes a backseat to that.

For more information about the Bible and the death penalty, see THIS ARTICLE.

For more information about the Death Penalty, please read this FACT SHEET (PDF) and visit this WEBSITE.

2 thoughts on “Montana Legislature: The Death Penalty Debate

  1. Jack,
    I am on the fence about the death penalty. I am bothered that it is so poorly applied (not racially or socially equitable) and that so many people on death row have been proven innocent. On the other, some people really deserve it. My problem is using the bible to support your point. Really, have you read the new testament? the bible supports all kinds of ridiculous punishments (don’t wear linen and cotton together) and accepts, if not supports, such atrocities as slavery. The message of Jesus is not about being vindictive, but that’s just my opinion.

    • Jeff,
      Good points and I appreciate your viewpoint. In regards to your comments about the Bible, yes I have read the New Testament. In fact, I am doing a study of the new testament at this time (reading a chapter every day). It is a year-long study and it is enlightening.
      In the column, those were my personal views about the death penalty. I don’t expect others to agree completely with me. People who believe in God should read the Bible and see what God shows them and make decisions based on that.
      I understand there are problems with the death penalty, but to completely do away with it as a form of punishment is not the right way to do things in my opinion.
      Thanks again for stopping by my website and offering your opinion. -Jack

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