The Democrats are making it pretty easy for voters in 2012. If they pass a 1,924 page, $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill this week, the 2010 elections will pale in comparison to what will happen in 2012. If President Obama signs the bill, he’s probably toast politically, too.

A new Gallup Poll shows that the Democrats have not changed the perception of Congress. First, let’s congratulate the Democrats for they have set a new record! According the Gallup, 83% of the American people disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job. Just 13% approve. A new low! The previous low was set in July 2008. The Democrats were running things in Congress then, too.

Tester’s Tricks

If the Omnibus Bill does pass as it is currently written, then Montana Senator Jon Tester will be destined for defeat in 2012. Readers may remember Tester taking time away from Montanans and campaigning for Harry Reid. That little piece of “volunteer” work gave him some benefits – like being able to sneak his Forest Jobs and Recreation Act (revised edition) into this massive bill.

In a sneaky underhanded act that sets the Schoolhouse Rock lesson on “How a Bill Becomes a Law” back several decades, Tester’s new revised bill did not even get a vote in any Senate or House committee and it received no time for a debate on the Senate or House floors.

Montanans just found out about the revised bill on Tuesday. Many say if Tester’s bill can’t pass as a stand-alone bill, then he should go back to the drawing board.

Tester’s move is the kind of sleazy backroom deals that voters hate and leads Congress to only have a 13% approval rating. It also leads to one-term Senators.

In 2006, Tester campaigned on transparency and said if he was elected he would make Washington look a little more like Montana. Sneaking in his revised bill that had no hearings, no votes in committees, no debates on the senate or house floors into a massive Omnibus Bill breaks several campaign promises.

And, it’s not the Montana way of doing things. It’s time for Jon Tester to man-up and withdraw the revised bill immediately from consideration.

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  1. As someone who knows more about the “world’s greatest deliberative body” than I do, you can let me know if I’m on the right track with this imagined conversation between Tester & the Majority Leader:

    • Haha – yep that’s pretty close. Tester probably said, “Harry, remember me…the guy who has a tractor and a funny hair cut.”
      I thought with the sign in Big Sandy saying Tester lives there, he might actually carry Chouteau county next election, but not now.

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