The Monday Memo: Trump’s Weekend, Cell Phone Ordinance, & Playoff Football

The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about. – Wayne Dyer

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Trump’s Weekend
  • G.F. Cell Phone Ordinance
  • Playoff Football

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Just Football…

Oh man…nothing in football (and I mean nothing) compares to Arrowhead Stadium during a night game – and nothing much is better than Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers fumbling a snap and giving my Chiefs one more chance – and they won it!

Today is November 1 (you can take your mask off) so that means that real football is upon us. High school teams are starting or already into the playoffs, college teams are getting ready for the stretch run, and NFL teams are starting to figure out what kind of team they have.

My NFL picks were just a little better last week; I got nine correct and missed on four.  That’s two better than last week!

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Caught My Eye…

Happy Constitution Day!!

If it’s Friday, then it’s time for another edition of the highly popular “Caught My Eye.” The staff here at The Western Word has been busy looking for stories that appeared across the globe during the week that I did not have time to write about. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! Continue reading

It’s a Start

There were smiles all around late last night at my house when San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers’ pass fell incomplete on fourth down and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Chargers 21-14 in Kansas City.

We also breathed a sigh of relief because we’d seen the Chiefs lose too much the last few years.

We also don’t like Philip (the mouth) Rivers, so we were all smiles last night when no matter how loud Rivers yelled or how much he complained his mouth was drowned out by the Chiefs fans at Arrowhead – and most of it was done during heavy rain.

I thought the Chiefs would win this game. In fact, I had predicted a Chiefs victory way back on August 12 and again on September 8:

By the way, the Chargers will lose the Monday Night opener (September 13) at the new and improved Arrowhead Stadium in front of 80,000 Chiefs fans. The sea of red will be too much for Phillip Rivers, his mouth, and the Chargers.

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