2011 NFL Predictions: The American Football Conference

Growing up a Kansas City Chiefs fan let me have just a little excitement when Lenny Dawson led them to a Super Bowl victory way back in January 1970 – of course there were the “Marty Years” (1989-1998) in which we won a lot of games, put fans in the seats, but did not get to the Promised Land.  Last year there was some joy – the Chiefs contended and made the playoffs.

I guess the only big question left to be answered is which will come first: another Chiefs Super Bowl victory or my death?  This year the Chiefs reap the benefits of being the 2010 AFC West Champions – three primetime night games – and a much tougher schedule!

The AFC is where my heart is and my team is the Kansas City Chiefs. That will never change!  So this year I start off with my predictions for the American Football Conference.

Here’s hoping your team has a great year and you have something to talk about after Christmas…like the playoffs!  Continue reading

NFL: Final Predictions

NFL Football Fans: I know what you’ve been going through and the long wait is almost over, so rest easy. We’ve suffered since the final gun sounded at the Super Bowl. Then we patiently waited for the draft. We watched the draft to help us prepare for the long dry spell between draft day and the opening of training camps.

We’ve talked to friends about football; we checked our team’s website for any news. We looked up information on the draft picks. We read the paper and searched the internet to see if there had been any trades.

Yes, we’ve all been hurting for some NFL football – I hear you.

We watched some of the NBA playoffs and caught a baseball game or two. Nothing took the place of any NFL game. We are hurting. I know how you feel, my friend.

We are all undefeated and we dream of the playoffs…and the Super Bowl!

Getting Prepared for the NFL Season:

So now it’s time to make sure you have your house in order. Get those chores done now, don’t wait. You don’t want to be working on a project – you want to be sitting in your La-Z-Boy chair, drinking a cold one, eating some ribs or brats, and watching the games. So make sure your favorite chair is in front of the TV (like you are the king), and check that the TV is ready (is it time to get that new one, you know the 46 inch one?). Make sure the surround sound is working.

Check to see if the little things are in order, like ensuring the remote has new batteries and that the lighting is perfect and does not cast a glare on the TV. These should be on your pre-game checklist. You should read TV listings to ensure you know what channels the games are on so you can surf back and forth between games. Maybe it’s time you and the little wife subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket? The school clothes for the kids can wait, huh?

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The AFC East

Today, I take a look at the AFC East!

The AFC East is the home of the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

New York Jets:

This may be the year of the Jets. They should win the AFC East by a game over the Patriots. This will be an exciting race. Look for the Jets to end the regular season at 12-4. Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson will give the Jets a great one-two in the running game. The defense is tough, but the Jets will need to get Darrelle Revis on the field to be their best. Look for another strong playoff run from the Jets. Happy times in NYC for the Jets faithful.

New England Patriots:

They aren’t going away and will make the playoffs at 11-5. Tom Brady has some fuel left in the tank and if Wes Welker is healthy, they will be right there (behind the Jets) all the way. Second year WR Julian Edelman has added another weapon to the already potent passing game. If Edelman and Welker stay healthy, they will be tough in their passing game.

Miami Dolphins:

After finishing 7-9 in 2009, look for the Dolphins to come in at 8-8 or 9-7 and probably out of the playoffs. Some folks are thinking three teams will make the playoffs from the AFC East, but I don’t see it.

Buffalo Bills:

They are not a bottom dweller in the NFL, but they just can’t seem to get over the hump to make it to .500. This may be their year, but they will finish last in the AFC East at 8-8 and the AFC East will be one of the better divisions (wins/losses) in the NFL.