The Monday Memo

Here are some topics that made today’s column:

  • Northern Border
  • U.S. Senate Montana 2024
  • Victory Monday


Here in Montana, we hear Governor Greg Gianforte, State Attorney General Austin Knudsen, U.S. Senator Steve Daines, U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale, and their supporters complain about the southern border and how it’s affecting us way up here in Montana.

They are great at exaggerating the issue for political purposes.

They should probably concentrate much more on the border that actually affects Montana the most – the northern one.

CBS News reported over the weekend that the U.S.-Canada border is seeing a surge of migrants attempting to enter the U.S., despite treacherous, and even deadly conditions.

Illegal crossings are up all across the northern border with some sectors seeing a 500-700% increase.

Check out the video from CBS News HERE.


Hotline is reporting the following poll results from a Montana-based GOP pollster called, “The Political Company” which polled 534 people:

MT SEN: A poll conducted by the Political Company, a Montana-based GOP firm (Jan. 30-Feb. 1; 534 LVs; +/-4%) polled hypothetical head-to-head matchups of the upcoming Senate race.
Sen. Jon Tester (D) led Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-02), 45%-40%, while 14% were undecided.
Tester also led Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-01), 46%-40%, with 15% undecided. Tester was tied with Gov. Greg Gianforte (R), 45%-45%, while 10% were undecided.

Check out the polling information from The Political Company HERE.

I see this as Montana Republicans trying to get their best candidate (Gianforte) to step forward and challenge Tester.

I’ve already predicted that Tester will be re-elected if he runs.


My Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions!
My Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions!

Like many Chiefs fans, I was nervous in the first half because my Chiefs did not play well, Patrick Mahomes was injured, and we had missed a field goal.

But, in the second half, the Chiefs scored on every possession. They won it with a field goal with just a few seconds left.

The game was well-played by both teams. The biggest controversy was the holding call on the Eagles that allowed the Chiefs to almost run out the clock.

But, Eagles defensive back James Bradberry said after the game that he did grab the jersey of Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. (Source). I think he did it twice and it kept Smith-Schuster from running his route that would have probably been a touchdown.

The Eagles coach said something like there’s more than one play that wins or loses a game. Here are a few:

  • The Chiefs had the longest punt return in Super Bowl history.
  • Mahomes was not sacked at all after the “experts” said he would be eaten alive by the Eagles’ defense.
  • Mahomes ran 26 yards for a first down on one leg, basically.
  • Two Chiefs touchdowns in the red zone were walk-in touchdowns.

The “experts” on the Fox pregame show all picked the Eagles to win. Suckers.

The “Victory Parade” is Wednesday in Kansas City.

By the way, the Chiefs are favored to win the Super Bowl next year.



19 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

      • Not really. I know that some groups supporting the “He gets Us” movement may be suspect. If they keep producing commercials like I have seen, I’m fine with it. If they start producing commercials that are anti one group or another, they will fail.

      • The billionaires who pay for those commercials also support every MAGA bill in our legislature. In fact, they write’em! And yeah, they think it has everything to do with Jesus.

        “ Senate Bill 99, which aims to ban gender-affirming care for transgender children in Montana and subject medical professionals who perform it to criminal charges, passed the Senate in a 30-20 vote Wednesday. The day before, senators got into heated exchanges involving rhetoric about amputations and lobotomies during debate on the bill’s second reading. Jeffrey Welborn, R-Dillon, voted in favor of the measure on third reading after voting against it a day earlier.”

        I included just as small portion of the debate. It had very much to do with amputation in the name of Jesus, or MAGA.

      • I don’t see anything to prove your point. “Every MAGA bill” is wide-ranging.
        Like I said, I like their commercials. If they attack groups I will cease to like them.

      • A little cursory investigation reveals just who the alliance for defending freedom is and what they promote and fund. Granted, they are masters at propaganda, but they have nothing to do with traditional Jesus and everything to do with christofascism. They are a hate group. And they are funding identical bills in many states. (Including Montana) Do you really think the MAGA morons in our legislature can think these hate bills up on their own? They’re mental defectives. Every time they try to improvise and go off script, they end up comparing women to cows or transgender treatment to amputation! They’re too simple to even remember they hate talking points. And this is the group funding the Jesus commercials. Not my idea of the historical Jesus nor the religion he founded.

      • I think you’ve run out of time to try to provide proof. I still like the commercials and they should make those who follow Christ think.

  1. I think the two walk in TDs were the reason Philly fans were misbehaving in the streets. Enjoyed the game. Fine by me that KC won.

  2. Everyone seems concerned about the lack of identification of several objects in the atmosphere over N America. C’mon people! How can you not realize that Lauren Boebert has already established that with absolute certainty! Jewish Space Lasers!! What else could they be?

  3. Super Bowlder dash (that’s for Larry) Copied watch later Fast forward 70%
    concentrate on commercials. low-level intelligence. World is passing me by. Red and white give me a break. Right team won despite penalty bias against Chiefs
    got very bored toward the end. Nothing I needed to watch . Oh yes some nasty head spearing uncalled C.T.E. abounds. There was an ex player neurosurgeon that was pretty accurate about C.T.E. Lots of cheating by both sides at end of half and end of game. One must admire the athleticism 🙂

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