Tuesday’s Quick Hits

I’m running a little late today as I had an appointment this morning. Here are some of the issues that caught my attention:

  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • Montana Senate Bill 206
  • The Halftime Show
  • Nikki Haley


It was another embarrassing day for Montana on Monday…

The Daily Montanan reported that the latest attempt to replace Columbus Day in Montana with Indigenous Peoples’ Day was tabled Monday on a party-line vote.

It was also reported that Montana State Senator Russ Tempel, R-Chester, the committee’s vice chairman, motioned to table the bill. All seven Republicans on the committee voted to do so, while the four Democrats voted against tabling it.

Read the Daily Montanan report HERE.


When the city of Great Falls enacted a cell phone ban I wrote a letter to the editor voicing my concerns about the ban and wrote about it a lot in this column. Here is one entry:

The Great Falls City Commission is trying to join the “crazy train” of Montana cities that are banning cellphone use while driving. Anyone who has watched a Great Falls City Commission meeting on public access television or attended a meeting probably agrees that the whole meeting is like a crazy train.

I wrote about a cellphone ban in my December 2011 column (and) quoted an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily: “A 2009 NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) study found that 80 percent of all car wrecks are caused by drivers eating or drinking — not cellphone use — with coffee-guzzling the top offender.”

I recently heard about a bill in the Montana State Senate (SB 206). According to the Montana State News Bureau, the Senate gave initial approval to a bill that would block cities and towns in Montana from enacting bans on talking on a cellphone while driving, though it would still give them an option of banning texting while driving. Senate Bill 206 is from Sen. Jeremy Trebas, a Great Falls Republican who saw a similar bill die in 2017.

I’m fine with this bill. I have always said that Montana should spend more time cracking down on drunk driving and forget about cell phones. Let’s make it really hurt the pocketbook if you get a DUI in Montana. Let’s make it mandatory for a second-time DUI offender to get 30 days in jail.


I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about the Super Bowl Halftime show performed by Rihanna. The comments basically came from a bunch of “Karens” and the “Get off my lawn” old timers.

Basically, the people who complained were old farts who probably need to get laid more.

Many complained about her “grabbing her crotch.” The fact is I am grabbing my crotch while writing this blog…

Just kidding.

Would I have picked Rihanna? Nope. I would like to see REO Speedwagon, Styx, Cheap Trick, and Journey perform.

Most of the crowd at my house enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching the performance, and yes, I did know one or two of her songs.

The best part of the lengthy halftime show is it gave my Chiefs time to regroup and kick ass in the second half.


Good news America – we now have our first presidential candidate under 70 years of age! Nikki Haley, who is 51, announced that she is running for President. She is a Republican. She was Governor of South Carolina and United States Ambassador to the United Nations for President Donald Trump.

Being an official in the Trump administration makes me question Haley’s principles. I do think she would make a better President than Trump.

Check out the Haley for President Facebook page HERE.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. I wasn’t paying any attention to the halftime show until my wife said Rihanna looked pregnant. It was the usual amount of moaning and hopping around that they have been entertaining us with the last few years. Was there any meaning connected to all the white outfits? I don’t tune the game in until it’s ready to start, that way I miss most of the drama. I see Mahomes went to Disney Land the next day. I’ll bet he got a pretty penny for that.

    • The white outfits were woke solidarity with the tragic plight of abominable snowman Americans.

      At least that’s what I read on the Internet.

    • Not sure how your message got into my spam folder, but I found it today and put in the approved section. Sorry! -JmB

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