Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Quote for the Day…

Don’t sail out farther than you can row back. – Danish Proverb.

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Commissioner of Political Practices
  • 60 Minutes
  • Trump & CNN
  • Campaign Signs
  • Chiefs Football


I saw in the Helena Independent Record that Jeff Mangan, Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP), announced that he will be retiring before his term ends, stepping down just before Election Day.

I think Mangan has done a pretty good job in this position. The job is a thankless one and since Trump came on the scene holding positions like COPP has become more dangerous. Montana is full of MAGA nutjobs.

The rules for nominating a new commissioner can be found in Montana Code Annotated 13-37-102.

You can read the Helena IR story HERE.


I usually record 60 Minutes and watch it on Monday since I am watching football on Sunday evening.

On the latest edition of 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley did an interview with the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska.

Russia is destroying and damaging schools in Ukraine. Reports say that 150 schools have been destroyed and 900 damaged. Nearly 500 hospitals have been damaged.

That is terrible. Destroying schools and hospitals should be a war crime.

Pelley told the story about a man he met in Bucha. He and his family were fleeing the Russian invasion. The Russians opened fire on his car. His leg was destroyed, the car caught fire and he watched his wife and children burn to death.

Those actions are pure evil. The world needs to stop Vladimir Putin and Russia.

You can read the transcript and/or watch the interview HERE.


I saw an article in The Hill that former President Donald Trump is suing CNN in federal court in Florida for defamation.

Trump wants $475 million in punitive damages, according to the report.

I want to win the lottery jackpot, so our chances are about the same.

The Hill reported:

In the lawsuit filed Monday, Trump’s attorneys claim CNN “has sought to use its massive influence — purportedly as a ‘trusted’ news source — to defame the Plaintiff in the minds of its viewers and readers for the purpose of defeating him politically, culminating in CNN claiming credit for ‘[getting] Trump out’ in the 2020 presidential election.”

If I am reading that correctly, Trump believes he lost the election? The MAGA nutjobs and those who believe in the “Big Lie” are going to have a heart attack.


You can read The Hill article HERE.


Back on September 25, I wrote about candidates obeying the rules when putting up campaign signs.

I pointed out that I live near the University of Providence (UP) in Great Falls and one of our local MAGA candidates must have a sweet deal with either Target corporation or UP because his sign is on the fence that separates the two properties. Another one of his signs is clearly on the right-of-way of a city street. He’s a dumbass, so I am not surprised that he disregards the rules.

A few days after my column was posted, the sign was removed.

Talk about clout…


A reader wondered why I had not written about the Chiefs beating the Bucs on Sunday Night Football. I could have written a book about the game but decided not to be too much of a bore to my non-football fan readers.

I am glad the Chiefs won. I recently purchased a new Chiefs shirt, and the Chiefs were 0-1 when I was wearing it. I think the rule is if they go 0-3 then it must be the shirt, so I’m glad they won, and I won’t have to burn it.

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was 23/37 for 249 yards with 3 TD and one interception. His rating was 97.7. He made a couple spectacular plays that were all over the sports shows Monday.
  • The old man, Tom Brady, was 39/52 for 385 yards with 3 TD and no interceptions. His rating was 114.7.
  • Brady had a higher QB rating than Mahomes.
  • Tampa Bay only had three yards rushing.
  • The Chiefs had 189 yards rushing.

This is “Raider Hater” week in the Chiefs Kingdom. The Raiders come to Kansas City for Monday Night Football. The Chiefs have won the last three games with the Raiders and eight out of the last 10.

You can never overlook the Raiders – they will come to play and come to play dirty.

## THE END ##


6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. One of the greatest country music singers has died, Loretta Lynn. I loved her music. She was an amazing woman. I find it incredible that her song The Pill, which caused so much controversy back in the day, is still relevant today in light of our christofascist Supreme Court judges who just might try to ban the pill again! And have even said so. What a sickness that has overtaken our country.

    I remember the rural doctors in Kentucky thanking Loretta for her song because it did more than anything else to educate the rural women on how to stop having so many unwanted babies.


  2. Good Morning Jackie,
    Thanks to Terry for pointing out this situation.
    Some intrepid journalist should ask AG Knudsen these questions:
    1. What is the benefit of “bump stocks” (prominently seen in the Las Vegas concert mass shooting) to the average Montanan?
    2. What is the benefit to Montanans of AG Knudsen joining with a small group Republican AGs to attempt to stop reasonable steps toward gun safety by the Biden administration?
    3. What was the cost to Montana taxpayers for him and his staff in joining this lawsuit and the cost to all federal taxpayers, including Montanans to defend such a frivolous lawsuit?
    4. Why isn’t he spending this time and resources on fighting the fentynal crisis which he says is based with Mexican cartels?
    While it is obvious that AG Knudsen would probably not respond, the questionss need to be asked and his response or lack theeof, noted for Montana taxpayers.

    • It seems the media in Montana won’t ask questions like you proposed. They seem to be more of a cheerleader than reporters.
      Thanks, JmB

    • Austin is working tirelessly on the fentanyl problem by blaming the Biden administration four times a day.

      The fentanyl problem that existed previously all four years during the Trump admin, well … Trump solved that by blaming China.

      You see the Republican pattern. Just blame someone else.

  3. Nothing to do with today’s subjects, but it looks as though A.G. Knudsen has successfully wasted Montana taxpayer money yet again.

    Yesterday the SCOTUS rejected two lawsuits challenging almighty Trump’s bump stock ban, including the one from Gun Owners of America onto which Knudsen and like minded extreme right fringe A.G.s had piggybacked.




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