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Hello October!

Quote for the day…

The ignorant always adore what they cannot understand. -Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Congressional Debates
  • Randy Pinnocci
  • EV Trucks
  • Reading Assignments


There were two Montana congressional debates this past weekend.

After catching up on social media, I think the most interesting thing is that all the candidates believe they won.

When debates go up against football – any football – I watch football. I already know who I am voting for in the eastern district.

Here are some reports from the media about the debates:

Western District: Associated Press, Helena IR

Eastern District: Associated Press, Daily Montanan

You can watch the eastern congressional district debate by clicking HERE.

You can watch the western congressional district debate by clicking HERE.

Please make sure you are registered to vote!


Lee Newspapers is reporting that Republican Montana Public Service Commissioner (PSC) Randy Pinnocci thinks Missoula should be picked for future “brownouts.”

Here is how it was reported:

If there were to be brownouts for NorthWestern Energy customers, let them be in Missoula, a conservative Montana Public Service Commissioner declared this week in a rambling speech that seemed to startle his peers as he declared, among other things, that it was time for Montana’s Republican officeholders to flex their political power.

The Montana Public Service Commission is a circus with clowns running around saying and doing stupid things. It keeps us shaking our heads when the big circus, the Montana Legislature, is not in session.

Look at it this way – the PSC recently raised our rates and now we get some comedy while being screwed out of our hard-earned money.

Read the complete report from Lee Newspapers HERE.


Some of the right-wingers are having fun posting negative stories about electric vehicles.

There was a commentary published in The Western Journal, a right-leaning publication, which garnered many a share on social media from some of the uneducated folks.

The title of the story was:

‘What a Joke’: Man Tries to Tow with His Electric Truck – Shows How It Was a ‘Total Disaster’

Apparently, the man was towing a trailer and he found that his EV used more electricity when it was towing a trailer, loaded and unloaded.

I’m no expert, but I imagine a gas- or diesel-powered pickup would use more fuel when towing a trailer, too.

I am not rushing out to buy an EV, but I hope the technology will allow us to use less fuel and reduce emissions. That would be a good thing.

I’m sure glad these naysayers were not around when the Model T was invented, or we might still be riding horses.

Read the commentary from The Western Journal HERE.


Here are some articles you should read…

Helena IRGOP election laws violate MT Constitution, judge rules
Good deal – make voting easy for everyone!

Associated PressMontana train derailment spills 31,000 gallons of gasoline
This is another reason we need to have other energy sources…

GallupSupreme Court Trust, Job Approval at Historical Lows
SCOTUS’ job approval has dropped a lot due to recent decisions…


4 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. You didn’t mention your Chiefs. Mahomes was at his best. Unbelievable touchdown pass.

    • Bob- I could have written a book about the game, but I figured I would lose the attention of my readers! That was a cool TD pass. I wish they would play that way every week! Thanks, JmB

  2. Randy Pinnocci is making Louie Gohmert look reasonable…………No, I take that back. That would be impossible, but Pinnocci is sure trying his darnedest. Pinnocci is so dumb he thinks Moby Dick is a medical condition. Sorry. That’s crude, but it sure fits.

  3. I watched the debate because I wanted to see Gary Buchanan in action. He and Ronning were both bright and articulate with good well-thought-out substantive answers. Both would make an excellent representative of Montana. Mr Potato Head on then other hand could barely mumble through his talking points, and when that didn’t seem to be a long enough to be an answer, he repeated them. Sometimes in the same response. Dude is pathetic. He was totally unprepared. Toward the end, you could tell he ran out of talking points and just eyed the clock. “Oh please God, just let this end!”

    Hard to believe he’s even in the running. Hard to believe the Montana I’ve known for the last fifty years could be stupid enough to elect him again. Maybe Buchanan will surprise us. Because he is a true independent with a real record of public service, he just might pull it off. He’s very well known. Ronning should jump ship and send her votes to Gary. She’s a nice lady, but it’s our only chance to get rid of potato head!

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