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In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Daines – The Objector
  • Montana Legislature 2021
  • My Pot Plant
  • College Football Playoffs
  • One More Thing


If you follow me on Twitter, then you were one of the first to know that recently re-elected U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) was one of the 11 senators who announced they will object to several state election results. This will happen on January 6 (this Wednesday) when the House and Senate meet in a joint session to formally count the votes from the Electoral College.

It won’t change the outcome. Joe Biden will be the President on January 20, 2021.

It’s perfectly OK for Daines and others to object. It’s a safe thing for him to do. He was just reelected and his supporters are Trump supporters. 

An objection happened as recently as 2005. According to the Associated Press:

The last time such an objection was considered was 2005, when Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio and Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, both Democrats, objected to Ohio’s electoral votes by claiming there were voting irregularities. Both chambers debated the objection and rejected it. It was only the second time such a vote had occurred.

I just fail to see how objecting to what was a really thorough defeat of Trump will do the country any good. It’s dividing us. Even the U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear the case. Trump has lost every case and appeal.

Daines issued a statement saying in part, “I believe we need an election commission to review the November 3rd, 2020 presidential election process to restore trust for the American people.” You can read his full statement (that is mostly like the other senators’ statements) HERE.

That trust has been harmed because of Donald Trump, Daines, and others. Trump routinely spreads fake news around on social media about the election and Daines and others don’t have the balls to call him out on it. Trump and Daines are supported by thousands of gullible and uneducated people. They believe everything Trump tweets.

Daines knows that Trump received more votes in Montana than he did. He understands that he can’t piss off the Trump people – because they are bat-shit crazy. Other Senators and Representatives feel the same way. Some want to run for President and they need Trump’s support and his supporters.

The Billings Gazette’s editorial board did not think much of what Daines did. Read their editorial HERE. The board said:

We believe this entire episode to be one of the saddest in our country’s political history. How unfortunate that you decided to play a leading role — in support of the insupportable.

The board closes with this:

This action, Senator, is political garbage disguised as statesmanship. It is beneath your office and should be beneath you.

I’ve known Daines for years and I can proudly say that I have never voted for him. Years ago, the only way he could get people to pay attention to him was because of his wealth. Nobody liked him, but they put up with him because he had money that could help them. Daines is a weak man that is harming our country and our constitution because he blindly supports Trump.


Here in Montana, we start the first full week of January with a new Governor and Lt. Governor (Greg Gianforte and Kristen Juras) and the state legislature meets.

Many other new people are heading up state-wide offices starting today, like Secretary of State (Christi Jacobson), Attorney General (Austin Knudsen), State Auditor (Troy Downing). They are all Republicans. The Legislature is controlled by the Republicans.

Also new to the job is Matt Rosendale. He is Montana’s only U.S. House member in Washington. He is also a Republican.

Very few of the people listed above received my vote, but I sincerely wish each one of these people the best as they embark on their new jobs. I am pulling for you to succeed – because if you do well, Montana does well.

You can be sure that I will call you out when I disagree with you. Maybe subscribe to The Western Word to keep up or follow me on Twitter @TheWesternWord.

As for the journalists covering the state government and legislature, I have only one piece of advice: Be reporters not supporters.

As for the Republican-controlled Montana legislature, just remember that by not delaying this session, some of your fellow legislators and staff will probably get sick and some may die. About 1,000 Montanans have died due to COVID-19 and some 82,000 have been sick. Don’t make it political – Mask up people.

Now, let the circus begin!

More information about the Montana Legislature can be found HERE.


Starting Friday (January 1, 2021), I decided to grow some pot plants – and boy did they ever grow!

In case you missed it, Lee Newspapers reported that starting January 1, 2021, it’s legal in Montana “to grow up to four marijuana plants at their homes and transport it freely within the state.”

I planted the seed on January 1 in my home and watered it. It is spectacular. Here is a photo:

I’ll keep you posted…


I waited and watched the final four of college football square off on Friday and it was boring as hell.

Alabama whipped Notre Dame 31-14. That’s a 17 point win.

Ohio State beat Clemson 49-28. That’s a 21 point win.

The National Championship is Monday, January 11. I hope it’s competitive.


In case you missed it, the NFL playoffs are set. My Kansas City Chiefs have the best record in the AFC (and NFL) and get next weekend off. The Green Bay Packers have the best record in the NFC and have next weekend off.

The good news is there are three games on Saturday (Jan. 9) and three games on Sunday (Jan. 10). They start at 11:00 Montana time.

Check out the schedule HERE.


8 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. I’m sure Daines also finds nothing objectionable or wrong about Trump’s phone call to the Georgia secretary of state.And all the other similar he has no doubt made.

    Today’s Republican senator is certainly a far cry from those patriotic American Constitution revering R senators who told Nixon he had to go.

      • Also worth noting is that Daines and Sen. Ron Johnson et al could already have gotten to the bottom of the allegations they now claim they want to clear up for the good of the nation (or whatever they’re claiming) if Sen. Johnson had held a proper impartial Homeland Security/Cov Affairs committee hearing in the first place, with experts and witnesses and election officials called to explain the facts and clear up some of the questions. Instead he simply paraded the nuttiest of the nutcases making their claims without fact-check or rebuttal, while he and Rand Paul kept repeating as fact that there was fraud and impropriety. Yet now we are supposed to believe the latest gambit is simply to ferret out the truth about the misinformation and lies he and others intentionally encouraged and spread.

      • Terry – they are damaging our country a lot. It’s going to be an interesting few days. Thanks, JmB

  2. I was thinking there would be a huuuuuge market among the Trump supporters. You could be the equivalent of the my pillow guy of pot.

  3. Beautiful plant. There is a strain called Obama Kush, I think you got a example of a Trump something or other.

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