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Today’s quote:

Your opinion is your opinion, your perception is your perception. Do not confuse them with ‘facts’ or ‘truths.’ – John Moore

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Fox vs Gianforte
  • Hill to the Rescue
  • It’s All About Trump
  • Did You Know?
  • One More Thing


The Associated Press’s (AP) headline said that Tim Fox and Greg Gianforte “clash as Republican governor’s race heats up” in a debate this past weekend.

The AP reported that Fox had the following to say about Gianforte:

You’ve ducked debates and forums, refused interviews with the press, avoided open public meetings and tough questions, and instead, used your considerable wealth to try to buy this election instead of earning those votes.

It sounds like the truth to me.

It was also reported by MTN News that Fox accused Gianforte of trying to dissuade Fox’s supporters by telling them that Fox has cancer and might get sick while in the governor’s office. “That’s appalling and it’s certainly not Montana,” Fox said. “Montanans know better, congressman.”

If that is true, that’s pretty low.

You can read the full AP story HERE.

The Montana Free Press has a report HERE.

The MTN News story can be found HERE.


Former Republican Congressman Rick Hill has penned a letter supporting Greg Gianforte for Montana Governor. The letter has appeared in several newspapers. I found it online HERE.

Hill writes that Greg Gianforte’s political opponents have misrepresented the truth to gain a political advantage.

Image that…

Hill specifically goes after Tim Fox who is one of Gianforte’s opponents.

It’s interesting how those who were not born in Montana stick together to try and win elective office in Montana. Hill was born in Minnesota and Gianforte in California. Fox was born in Montana.

Primaries can get nasty, especially when current and former officeholders make endorsements. The Democrats running for Governor probably hope this family fight on the Republican side continues after the primary and into November.

I think Montana will be in a world of trouble if we elect a governor who won’t be a check and balance on the wackos in the Republican-controlled Montana Legislature.

But then again, it’s been proven often that when one party controls the whole show, they tend to form circular firing squads and accomplish very little.


USA Today and several others reported that former President George W. Bush released a video this weekend encouraging Americans to stand up to the coronavirus pandemic, and did not mention current President Donald Trump.

USA Today added it doesn’t sound like that sat too well with Trump.

Trump tweeted about the video, “I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside. He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!”

You can watch the video from former President Bush HERE.


Have you ever been outside and noticed the birds flying around and wondered if any of them were drones spying on you?

Of course, you have…

A faithful reader alerted me to a group called “Birds Aren’t Real.” Their website tells visitors the following:

The Birds Aren’t Real movement has been active since 1976. Once a preventative cause, our initial goal was to stop the genocide of real birds. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful, and the government has since replaced every living bird with robotic replicas. Now our movement’s prerogative is to make everyone aware of this fact.

If that is the case, every morning right outside the underground bunker and worldwide headquarters of The Western Word there are many birds or “robotic replicas” chirping. Maybe they are communicating and getting orders for the day?

I also heard somewhere that the “birds” recharge by sitting on overhead power lines.

Makes sense to me…

Check out their website by clicking HERE.


It was 50 years ago today (May 4, 1970) when members of the Ohio National Guard fired on students at Kent State University who were protesting the Vietnam War. Four students were killed, nine others were injured, one of whom was permanently paralyzed, and the course of history was altered. (NBC News)


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