The Monday Memo

The opinion which other people have of you is their problem, not yours. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • National Emergencies for Dummies
  • Robert Mueller
  • Anthony Weiner

National Emergencies for Dummies:

The Trump supporters are out in full force listing when other Presidents declared national emergencies. I don’t know whether these Trump supporters are super ignorant or they think reposting a photo from some right-wing fanatic will change minds.

Yes, the President can declare national emergencies.

An analysis of the President’s action by the New York Times probably explains it best. I would suggest the Trump supporters read the next two paragraphs:

President Trump on Friday pointed to nearly five dozen previous instances in which presidents of both parties have declared emergencies as justification for his invocation of extraordinary powers to build his border wall. But there is no precedent for what he has just done.

None of the times emergency powers have been invoked since 1976, the year Congress enacted the National Emergencies Act, involved a president making an end run around lawmakers to spend money on a project they had decided against funding. Mr. Trump, by contrast, is challenging the bedrock principle that the legislative branch controls the government’s purse.

So yes, national emergencies have been declared many times, but Trump is planning on redirecting money that the House and the Senate had approved for some other projects. Plus, the House and the Senate did not fund something (a wall) that Trump wanted to be funded, so he is ticked.

Like I said on Friday, this will be fun to watch.

Back in 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the line-item veto that was used by the President. While this issue is a little different, it did deal with the President trying to impart his will on federal funding.

I predict as this issue makes its way through the courts, the courts will side with the House and the Senate and against the President’s action of reprogramming money that was already appropriated by Congress for other projects. The House and Senate have the Constitution on their side.

Trump will be able to say he tried to build a wall as he runs for reelection. The case may not even be decided by November 2020.

Robert Mueller:

I think many of Trump supporters forget that President Donald Trump nominated Rod Rosenstein to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice in February 2017.

It was Rod Rosenstein who appointed Robert Mueller in May 2017 as special counsel to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 elections and related matters. (Wiki)

So if the Trump supporters are complaining about Mueller, just remind them who put him there in the first place.

By the way, Mueller was the director of the FBI for 12 years under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The bottom line: Mueller is a patriot.

The Associated Press has posted a story about where investigations related to President Donald Trump stand and what may lie ahead for him. Click HERE to read it.

Anthony D. Weiner:

Several sources are reporting that former Congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from prison after serving 15 months and will be serving the rest of his 21-month sentence at a re-entry center located in Brooklyn, New York. He was in prison for sending lewd texts to a minor.

It was also reported that Weiner was granted an early release for good behavior and that he will need to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

I doubt this story is over.