Tuesday Commentary: VA Secretary, Secretary of State, & Snow

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. – Doug Larson

Today’s commentary deals with:

  • VA Secretary Nominee
  • Tester a “No” on Pompeo
  • Billings & Snow
  • The Western Word



Monday’s Quick Hits: Food Park, Comey & Trump, & Syria

The spine of the FBI is the rule of law. The spine of the FBI is a commitment to doing the right thing, in the right way, while protecting civil liberties. – James Comey

Today’s quick hits deal with these issues:

  • Madison Food Park
  • Comey vs Trump
  • The Photo


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Monday’s Quick Hits: Guns, Elections, Kimmel vs Hannity, & More

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. – H. L. Mencken

Today’s quick hits deal with these issues:

  • Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban
  • 60 Minutes
  • Kimmel vs Hannity
  • Zuckerberg Heads to DC
  • One More Thing


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Monday’s Quick Hits: Boom, Basketball, and Pizza

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden

Today’s quick hits deal with these issues:

  • What’s that Sound?
  • Women’s College Basketball National Championship
  • Men’s College Basketball National Championship
  • Little Caesars


TWW Poll: Arming Teachers

Due to recent school shootings, some people, like President Donald J. Trump, think we should arm teachers. Some school districts already allow this.

Do you think we should allow qualified and trained teachers to be armed in our public schools?

If you do not see the poll, click on “More.”


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TWW – The Teenage Years Are Upon Us

I wasn’t born here, but I blog here. –Jackie M. Brown (GF Tribune 3-3-14)

Today The Western Word (TWW) turns 13 years old!

Please, no parades. It’s too cold.

TWW blog started on January 10, 2005. It was a Monday. The first post went up about 10:04 p.m.

Ironically, the first line had the following information that seems to be the norm for Kansas City Chiefs fans:

Ah yes, since my Chiefs are done and there’s no Monday Night Football, I will pick the winners of the weekend games:

Hitting the magic 13 means that The Western Word is starting the dreaded teenage years. We all know how teenagers can be, so be prepared.

As for stats, here are a few:


Tuesday Commentary: Fees, Shooting, & Cheaters

I fully support @realDonaldTrump’s interest in space travel to Mars, and I wish him the absolute best in his travels. – John Dingell (@JohnDingell) Former U.S. Rep. from Michigan.

Today’s commentary deals with:

  • Sticking it to the Man
  • Shooting in Great Falls
  • Montana Democrats – Cheaters


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Monday’s Quick Hits: Noel Tree, Zinke, & Alabama

Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it. – Thomas Paine

Today’s quick hits deal with:

  • The Noel Tree
  • Secretary Zinke’s Rebuttal
  • Alabama Senate


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Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Dear Readers:

We are truly blessed! Please take a moment over the Thanksgiving holiday to remember what we’re thankful for as we enjoy our family and friends (food and football).

Right now, military men and women are serving our country, some in harm’s way, to protect our freedoms and liberties. Please take a moment to say a prayer for them and their families here at home.

Please take a moment to pray for our country and for our leaders.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and God bless America!

“Thursday Numbers” will return next week.


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We Are Numb

The headline kind of said it all: “Has America become numb to tragedy?”

Sadly, that headline was from an NBC News website in 2009 after a mass shooting.

The mass shootings and killings just seem to pile up here in the good ol’ USA. We can’t even keep track of them, unless it happened to someone or somewhere close to us.

Here we are in 2017, CBS News asked basically the same question, “Are Americans becoming ‘numb’ to mass shootings?”

The answer is yes.

To be quite honest, the latest mass killing at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, got to me. While I don’t know any of the 26 who were murdered I’ve attended small-town churches in my life and the thought that someone could walk in and start killing people in their house of worship sickens me. It makes me sad for our country.