TWW Poll: Trump vs Tester

It’s time for another Montana poll from The Western Word! 

With President Trump going after U.S. Sen. Jon Tester over the VA Secretary issue, does that make you more or less likely to vote for Tester this November?

  • More Likely to Vote for Tester
  • Less Likely to Vote for Tester
  • No Difference

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7 thoughts on “TWW Poll: Trump vs Tester

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  2. Trump has made it his issue. Montana Vets and Vets all across the U.S. need a strong voice to correct the wrongs that have been done. The Veterans Administration needs a qualified, strong, administrator to deal with such a far reaching agency and quite honestly a personal doctor just doesn’t cut it.

    • Alice – I agree about the strong voice and that a personal doctor won’t cut it. Thanks, -JmB

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  4. Fair question, Innocent until proven guilty. He is a rear admiral. He would have had an opportunity to refute the allegations. Instead he chose to withdraw his name for consideration. If someone made false allegations against me I would want my day in court. Senator Tester has been a strong advocate for veterans (I am one) for many years. I think he represented Montana well as concerns this issue. I do not agree with him on every issue

  5. Maybe you should ask the question if you would be more likely or less likely vote for Tester for making false allegations about Rear Admiral Jackson rather than it being about Trump!

    • Barry – Thanks for your input. I think this question is fine. -JmB

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