Tuesday Commentary: Daines, Gianforte, & Pocahontas

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. – Will Rogers

Today’s commentary deals with:

  • Daines & Taxes
  • Gianforte – Just Shut Up
  • Pocahontas

Daines & Taxes:

Montana’s junior U.S. Senator, Steve Daines (R), is getting his five minutes of fame by announcing he is against the tax plan in the U.S. Senate.

In a press release, Daines had this to say:

“When Congress took on tax cuts, we promised to create more high paying jobs and to grow the economy” said Daines. “I want to see changes to the tax cut bill that ensure main street businesses are not put at a competitive disadvantage against large corporations. Two-thirds of our job creation comes from main street businesses and I’m doing what I can to make sure all of America is stronger and more competitive. Before I can support this bill, this improvement needs to be made. I remain optimistic and will continue working with my colleagues to find a solution.”

Nobody believes that Daines will actually vote against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. That would mean Daines, as a first-term senator, would be cleaning the toilets for McConnell for the foreseeable future.

I’m all for helping small businesses, but the current tax plans will harm the middle class and some groups say taxes would be increased on the middle class.

Sadly, Daines knows nothing about the middle class.

Another big issue is people losing health insurance. Reuters reports:

…the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), another nonpartisan research unit of Congress, said the number of Americans with health insurance would fall by 13 million by 2027 under the Republican tax bill, which would repeal an Obamacare federal fine meant to encourage people to buy health insurance.

I think what is going to happen is the Republicans will pass something just for the sake of passing something so they can say they have an accomplishment in 2017.

Then, after the big signing ceremony in the White House and after reading the fine print, we’ll see that we’re all screwed. Merry Christmas!

Gianforte – Just Shut Up:

It’s the assault that will never end! The Associated Press reported yesterday that a lawyer for Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs sent a cease and desist letter telling U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte and his staff to stop making “false and defamatory statements” about Jacobs.

In case you forgot, Gianforte assaulted Jacobs on the eve of Gianforte’s election to the U.S. House.

The AP also dropped this little tidbit in their report:

Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert told the AP after details of the investigation became public that Gianforte had misled investigators. Lambert, a Republican, said he did not pursue a charge of obstruction of justice because he was focused on the assault.

I have mentioned before that the investigation into the assault smells of favoritism.

Nonetheless, Gianforte and his staff should shut up. If they don’t, they may make Ben Jacobs a very rich man.


At the White House yesterday, there was a ceremony to honor Native American code talkers. There are only thirteen surviving Navajo Code Talkers of World War II.

It was a great ceremony until President Trump made this remark:

You were here long before any of us were here, although we have a representative in Congress who, they say, was here a long time ago. They call her “Pocahontas.”

President Trump has used that term often to describe U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren claimed in the past that she is Native American. The term is offensive to Native Americans.

CNN reported:

…a genealogist traced Warren’s Native American heritage to the late 19th century, which, if true, would make her 1/32 Native American. (However, the legitimacy of those findings has been debated.)

The sad fact is that Trump is supported by a lot of people who do not see anything wrong with using racial slurs. Trump seems to be worried that Warren may be his opponent down the road and thinks calling her names will help him with his supporters.

The bottom line is that Trump should stop using the name “Pocahontas” to describe Warren.



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