The Wednesday Read: Edwards, Gianforte, Zero for Four, & Health Care

The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be. – Socrates

Today I provide independent commentary about the following items for this edition of The Wednesday Read:

  • Sheriff Bob Edwards Update
  • Gianforte
  • Zero-for-Four
  • Senate Health Care

Sheriff Bob Edwards Update:

The Great Falls Tribune reported that Sheriff Bob Edwards will be taking personal leave and that he asked the public to “keep an open mind” while his assault case continues through court proceedings, according to a Monday statement from his attorney.

He still gets paid, so he will not go hungry.

There were reports that call logs state that the man “put the gun in his mouth at one point.” Helena Police Chief Troy McGee on Friday confirmed with the Tribune that Edwards was the one holding the gun in the incident, although he added that the information was given by others on the scene and was not witnessed by Helena police.

The Judge in the case, Helena Municipal Judge Robert Wood, told the Tribune that Edwards is still allowed to carry a firearm.

Edwards needs professional help. He should not have access to firearms until he gets that help. The judge erred in allowing Edwards to still have access to firearms.

Let’s hope the good ol’ boy network in Montana does not sweep this under the rug.


Montana finally gets representation in the U.S. House today, as Greg Gianforte will take the oath of office as Montana’s newest U.S. Representative.

Even when he announced the hiring of top staffers, part of the article was geared toward his assault of the reporter. I expect it to continue.

The Associated Press headline today reads, “Republican convicted of assaulting reporter to join House.”

The Montana Democrats, still sore of losing the special election, sent a press release to the media with the subject, “ALERT: Convicted Criminal Gianforte Soon To Be Roaming Halls of Congress, STILL Hasn’t Taken Responsibility for His Campaign’s Lie.”

I imagine this will continue through the election of November 2018.


The two special election races decided last night (Georgia & South Carolina) were not really that exciting. They were over early, called for the Republican.

In fact, the Democrats are zero-for-four in special elections. That includes Montana.

From now until the 2018 election, we’ll hear about how the Democrats were competitive and did better than Trump did in three of four districts. They will talk about momentum.

The Democrats will win some seats in 2018 if Trump’s approval rating stays in the high 30s and low 40s. They just don’t have a message that is resonating with people, yet.

Senate Health Care Bill:

Get ready! The Associated Press reported yesterday that the U.S. Senate health care “draft” bill will supposedly be unveiled this week. It looks like the Senate will have about a week to debate the bill before a final vote next week.

Only a few know what is in the bill.

I hope that the Republicans and Democrats will work together to make a bill that works for all of us, but I have my doubts.



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  1. Senate Health Care Bill: You would think the Democrats would be happy to see a replacement for the ACA before it implodes and all the blame falls at their feet…

    • Barry – I am not sure the “replacement” will be that great. I hope it is great. We’ll see. The grass is always greener… Thanks, -JmB

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