Monday’s Quick Hits

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. – Stephen Hawking

Today’s quick hits include:

  • Get Lost Wisconsin
  • What’s Cooking at Our Place
  • Gianforte Miscues
  • Trump & Immigration
  • All of Them…

Get Lost Wisconsin!

MTN News reported that the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development says the “Get Lost in Montana” campaign has run its course, and now a new company will take over marketing the Treasure State.

I kind of liked the “Get Lost” campaign. I’ve lived here for over 25 years, and I can remember a few “native Montanans” tell me to “Get Lost” long before it became a marketing tool. They did not always use those exact words…

Drumroll please…a company from Wisconsin will take over marketing Montana.

Wisconsin. Yes, I felt the same way.

When was the last time you wanted to vacation or do business in Wisconsin? I guess they could not find a company from Montana to promote the home team. I wonder if Iowa and North Dakota companies were competitive…

MTN did report that the Wisconsin company has a contract with Shortgrass Web Development in Great Falls to provide account personnel and marketing expertise in Montana, but the company that won the contract is from Wisconsin.

Since Wisconsin is known for its cheese, will we see a cheese reference in their ads for Montana?

What’s Cooking at Our Place:

In case you don’t follow Republican candidate for governor Greg Gianforte at his other Twitter account (@gianforte), you’re missing photos of “What’s cooking at our place.”

Some nights the menu includes venison chops wrapped in bacon, Beaverhead county roasted spuds, eggplant & salad. Other nights the menu includes elk steaks with caramelized onions, peas with pine nuts and basil and sides. One night it was grilled veggies.

One night when I was reading Gianforte’s dinner menu while I was having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my dinner (bloggers’ staple), I wondered if Gianforte prepared the food himself. The reason why I ask is since he is a billionaire/millionaire who has created over 500 jobs, I wonder if one of those jobs is a culinary specialist/chef at the Gianforte home.

Gianforte Miscues:

If you are the Montana Democrats, then you are probably enjoying the last few days in the race for Montana Governor. Read on…

Lee Newspapers reported:

As the first refugee family in decades was arriving in Montana, GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte mailed out fliers using a photo suggestive of a terrorist and urged a halt to refugee resettlement here.

I imagine the refugee issue is polling well for the Gianforte campaign, although as governor there won’t be much he can do about it. I personally think it hurts him with the Christian voters.

The Associated Press reported comments Gianforte made about tribal governments:

The way for Montana’s American Indian reservations to escape poverty is through the free market, but the shortcomings of tribal governments are preventing businesses from flourishing, Republican candidate for governor Greg Gianforte said in a campaign stop last month.

The remarks he made about tribal governments is insulting. Gianforte lacks knowledge about Native American issues. The comments were recorded by a Democrat who was probably hired or volunteered to track Gianforte. They are called “trackers” and this proves it is still worth hiring them. The remarks made their way into a story by the Associated Press.

The Associated Press also reported about Gianforte matching campaign contributions:

Republican candidate for Montana governor Greg Gianforte is telling supporters that he will match all campaign contributions dollar for dollar, after already spending about $1 million in his effort to unseat Democratic incumbent Steve Bullock.

Saying you will “match all campaign contributions dollar for dollar” really does nothing but tell voters you are trying to buy the seat. Gianforte should have never said it.

It’s getting close to crunch time. From Labor Day weekend on, there can’t be any errors like these. Voters will be paying more attention as we get closer to November.

Trump & Immigration:

There are reports from over the weekend that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump may be changing his views on immigration. Reuters reports:

A senior aide to U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump signaled a possible shift in his hardline immigration policies on Sunday, saying his plans to deport 11 million people who are in the country illegally were under review.

Next, will we see Trump change his mind about building a wall between the USA and Mexico?

People flocked to Trump for his non-conventional and bombastic ideas. He is doing the old pivot to the middle after the convention. It’s not helping him with the supporters who got him where he is, and it’s not helping him with the Republican base.

By the way, since almost everyone has been Trump’s campaign manager so far, I want to say right up front that I will not take the job if it is offered.

All of Them:

CNN’s Brianna Keilar interviewed Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, about the campaign. It was a train wreck for Cohen and worth watching:

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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits

  1. There’s no longer any point in pointing out Gianforte’s use of Wisconsin web and marketing firms – those currently in power have made it clear that buying services out of state is perfectly fine.

    There’s no longer a viable Democratic campaign argument against Gianforte’s spending.

    Terrible, terrible move.

  2. Since I am Indian (if you are born in this country you are native to it)…therefore, drop the moniker “Native American” for Indian people. Call us First Citizens or something like that…I prefer Blackfeet or Northern Cheyenne. Anyway, you say that Gianforte doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to tribal government. Sorry…his comments hit close to home. Methinks that an Indian helped him research and comment about this, because for all of you non-Indian peoples, he speaks truth. Read the suggested “new” constitution and then put yourself in the hands of the few and see where it might take you. Worse yet, read the dictatorial current Blackfeet constitution and see what that does for the First People and any business they may want to be involved in under the auspices of Tribal Government. It is not easy and many times one loses the fight even when appealed to the Feds. I’ve lived it for 76 years and haven’t seen improvement yet. Don’t get on the soapbox until you research the “commoner’s” point of view…not what Old Coyote or some other elected councilman may have to say to try to protect his money tree.
    p.s. success on the Rez comes from hard work and staying out of the way of the revenge of the Powers That Be!

    • Listen to all the truth Trump just spoke about black people.

      LJohn, when we as regular citizens hear someone telling it like it is, we’re often shocked that it’s happening. The corporate media acts shocked most of all.

      Hence the stories on Gianforte and Trump recently.

      Don’t forget, Bullock is rushing up the Indian reservations for a full week to try and pull as many votes from them as he can.

      Meanwhile places like Fort Peck have 53% unemployment, all 24 of their cemeteries full, a terrible meth problem, and what I consider to be an utter lack of hope.

      But by god, we’ll wring them votes outta ’em!

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