Politics 2016: Zinke & Trump

Unfortunately, in American politics there are no standards for shame. – Mark McKinnon

Welcome to Wednesday faithful readers! It seems we can count on a couple things in August each year here in Montana: fairs and fires. Let’s keep those who are fighting the fires in our prayers!

Today there are just two topics: Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.


Zinke & Trump:

As a veteran of over a decade of active-duty military service, I actually like Congressman Ryan Zinke. In case you haven’t read, Zinke is a former Navy SEAL. If you’ve read The Western Word very much, then you know that I think we need more veterans serving in Congress.

By the way, I like Zinke’s opponent, Denise Juneau, too. This will be one of those races that I may not decide which candidate gets my vote until the last minute. I’m independent – I can do that, and I can write about it.

I knew that after the Montana Democrats went after Zinke for being silent about the recent antics of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, Zinke would respond. That’s the way he rolls. I looked forward to seeing the way Zinke handled it.

It was not good. Some folks might say that Zinke “crashed and burned” with his response.

Zinke took the middle, politically safe, ground. He went after both Trump and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, writing this:

Both of our candidates for president have picked fights with and said extremely regrettable things to the families of service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation. As a grateful nation, we cannot allow this to become the norm, and we cannot allow it to go without notice. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should swallow their pride and apologize to the families and service members they have offended. Politics has no role in the military.

Maybe Zinke is getting soft and wants to play politics with everything. He should have come out with both barrels blazing against Trump for what he said about Khizr and Ghazala Khan. Shame on Zinke for playing it safe.

Donald Trump:

In case you missed it, the Donald Trump self-destruction tour continues all across the fruited plains. Read on…

Besides the hurtful things Trump said about Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Trump has continued in recent days saying and doing stupid and hurtful things.

Some people believe that Trump does not have the “mental stability” to be President of the United States. NBC News reported:

Terms like “narcissist” and “sociopath” have been attached to his name as routinely as Trump attaches that name to his buildings.

Just this past week, Trump:

  • Refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona in their GOP primaries. (Reuters)

So much for party unity…

  • Joked about getting a “Purple Heart” the easy way. After a veteran gave him a Purple Heart, Trump said, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.” (Politico)

If he just understood the history of the Purple Heart…

  • During one of his speeches, he told a woman with a crying baby, “Don’t worry about that baby. I love babies.” A minute or so later, he said “Actually, I was only kidding. You can get that baby out of here.” (NY Times)

Trump went from nice to a-hole in just a minute or so…

Frankly, the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is starting to look better and better…


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  1. I think we are in trouble no matter which way we go for this election. If that is so…I choose the new attempt for salvation of this nation…let Trump scare the world! We have found out that it can’t be begged, bought or groveled to…so let us give “scary” to world politics. I think it is time for a businessman or a veteran of our military. The military didn’t step up…so…………

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