Terrific News Tuesday

Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever. – Shane Falco (The Replacements)

Hey kids – welcome to another edition of Terrific News Tuesday (TNT)!

In case this is your first time reading TNT, this column is all about good news. I know it’s hard to believe, but I won’t be complaining or criticizing anyone or anything in this column today – just writing about some terrific news that caught my attention!

Here is some of the good stuff in this edition of TNT:

  • Juneau/Zinke Debates
  • Recycle for State Fair tickets
  • Malmstrom AFB Commissary
  • Choir! Choir! Choir!
  • Obama’s Speech to the DAV

Juneau/Zinke Debates:

It was good to see that the candidates for Montana’s lone U.S. House seat have agreed to debate each other several times.

Incumbent U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke (R) and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau (D) have agreed to four debates. They have also invited Libertarian candidate Mike Fellows to participate. (Great Falls Tribune)

One of these debates is being held a couple blocks from my home – so watch out – The Western Word travel budget may enable me to attend and live tweet the event!

Recycle for State Fair tickets:

Applause to a Great Falls company, Steel Etc., for offering free general admission tickets to the Montana State Fair in exchange for aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, along with paper and plastic items. (KRTV)

KRTV reports that Steel Etc. will recycle around 30,000 pounds of aluminum cans alone during the week of the fair and give away 5,000-6,000 tickets.

Malmstrom AFB Commissary:

Congratulations to the folks who run the Malmstrom AFB Commissary for winning the Bill Nichols Award for Best Large Commissary in the United States from the Defense Commissary Agency. (Malmstrom AFB Press)

Commissaries provide a valuable service for military members, their families, and retirees.

Choir! Choir! Choir!:

CBS News reported that a viral video of strangers coming together to sing has brought a choir group to into the spotlight. The group, called “Choir! Choir! Choir!” uses social media to gather singers at a specific location. They have recorded and shared more than 200 songs together. Watch the CBS News report HERE.

Here’s one of their videos with 1,500 singers:

Visit their website HERE.

Obama’s Speech to the DAV:

President Barack Obama relayed some pretty good news to members of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) this week. In his speech yesterday (Monday, August 1) he told the DAV members that the Veterans Administration has slashed the disability claims backlog by nearly 90 percent and cut the number of homeless veterans by 47 percent. (WhiteHouse.gov)

I do hope this trend continues.


## END ##