Monday’s Quick Hits

Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. – Samuel Johnson

I’ve already posted my thoughts about the mass shooting in Orlando. Click HERE to read my column.

Welcome to Monday! Here are some “Quick Hits” about some issues that caught my attention over the weekend:

  • Blog of the Week
  • Public Access/Public Lands Games
  • Who Do You Support?
  • Democrats Pick Delegates

Blog of the Week:

Things are looking up here at The Western Word (TWW). The Great Falls Tribune named TWW the “Blog of the Week” for this quote from one of my columns last week:

“I am certainly not a journalist and I have never claimed to be. I don’t even play one on TV, and I’ve never even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. I am just professional blogger living in a bunker, eating Twinkies, drinking Folgers coffee, while waiting for Obama to come and take my guns.”

You can read the Tribune’s “The Edge” column HERE.

Public Access/Public Lands Games:

The old public access and public lands issue have been in the news recently. It’s fun to watch the candidates for Governor, Steve Bullock and Greg Gianforte, try to convince voters they will be the best at protecting our public lands and ensuring there’s access to those lands.

Montana Public Radio posted a story about the issues on Friday that is worth a read.

Bullock announced that he was creating the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. This reminds me of an “Outdoor Recreation” class I took in college. We learned about kayaking, fly fishing, mountain bikes, and we floated the Smith River.

I received an “A” in the class so I think the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation job would be a good job for me – I could take float trips and go fishing and hunting and hiking across the state. I could take photos and post them on Twitter and tell people to come to Montana for outdoor recreation! I could use this position to practice golf and learn to snowboard! I would never be in the office.

As for Gianforte, earlier this month after it was disclosed that a family-owned company filed a lawsuit in 2009 to kill a public access easement in Bozeman, he released a radio ad called “Fly Shop” to let people know that “Greg’s place” is open and accessible for fishing and “it always has been.”

You can listen to the ad HERE.

Who Do You Support?

The Montana Republican Party has been playing some fun games with Democrats running for office and those in public office by asking them via Twitter who they voted for in the Montana primary, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

This has always been a tough spot for Montana Democrats. Moderate Democrats do well statewide and some of the recent Presidential candidates for the Democrats have been pretty liberal or progressive (Obama and Kerry)

But this year the Presidential election will be tough on both Montana Democrats and Montana Republicans if the choices are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Republicans have used a line like, “I don’t agree with Trump on everything, but I am against Hillary being President” to answer the question.

This November many folks may leave that part of their ballot blank…

Democrats Pick Delegates:

This weekend the Montana Democrats picked their delegates for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month. You can see the Great Falls Tribune’s list of delegates HERE.

I did not hear about any threats or fights during the process…


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  1. I didn’t take the class but I could I be your assistant for the outdoor recreation job? Sounds like a great position to be in!!

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