Final Super Tuesday Analysis

Election night is kind of like the Super Bowl to political junkies like me. Thanks to all those who texted, emailed, tweeted and re-tweeted The Western Word last night. It was fun – let’s do it again in November!

One thing was pretty evident as the races unfolded last night: The candidates who sent their bumper stickers to The Western Word did well on Primary Election Day.

Thanks to all the people who ran for elective office – you make this country great. All the results are still unofficial.

Here are some results and comments about Cascade County Elections, Montana Supreme Court #3 (Juras, Sandefur, & Mills), Public Service Commission #2 (Bushman vs. O’Donnell), SD-10 (Fitzpatrick vs. J.C. Kantorowicz), HD-19 (McKamey vs. Pinocci), HD-20 (Anderson vs. Buck), HD-22 (Sheldon-Galloway vs. Loney), Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

Cascade County Elections:

It was an exciting evening of politics here in Montana, although Cascade County (Great Falls), once again, showed that their elections office is lacking when it comes to vote counting. Several members of the press tweeted about how slow Cascade County was in getting the vote totals posted.

I think they misplaced their abacuses…

Montana Supreme Court #3:

I figured that the Montana Supreme Court #3 primary race would be a Dirk Sandefur runaway.

That’s why they have Election Day!

The primary election was to select the top two candidates (three were running) to face each other in November. Sandefur seemed to have the organization and the endorsements, but the first round appears to be going to Kristen Juras.

This morning with 686 out of 686 precincts fully reporting, Juras has 44% of the vote, Sandefur has 34%, and Eric Mills has 21%. Juras leads Sandefur by about 21,500 votes. (MT SoS)

This will be an interesting race in November.

Public Service Commission #2:

With 124 of 124 precincts fully reporting, challenger Tony O’Donnell leads incumbent Kirk Bushman by 574 votes. This was a contentious race as some fellow PSC commissioners sided with O’Donnell in the primary.(MT SoS)

Senate District 10:

The Senate District 10 (SD-10) race was interesting. There were complaints filed and things said that made it a top state legislative race to watch in Montana.

It pitted a moderate Republican Steve Fitzpatrick against conservative Republican J.C. Kantorowicz.

With 11 out of 11 precincts fully reporting, Fitzpatrick is clobbering Kantorowicz by a 70% to 30% margin (about 1,750 votes).(MT SoS)

House District 19:

The House District 19 (HD-19) race was another interesting race that pitted a somewhat moderate Republican Wendy McKamey against ultra-conservative incumbent Randy Pinocci.

With 9 out of 9 precincts fully reporting, McKamey is beating Pinocci by a 61% to 38% margin (about 462 votes). (MT SoS)

Two Other Primary Races:

In House District 20, Fred Anderson is beating Sheridan Buck 57%-42%. (MT SoS)

In House District 22, Lola Sheldon-Galloway is beating Cleve Loney 53%-46%. (MT SoS)

Trump Wins:

Presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump won New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, and California.

He also gave a speech early in the evening – and read it from a teleprompter! It was a nice speech, but he was not Donald Trump. Some people probably went to sleep. Trump has been taking some heat for his remarks about the judge, so this is probably his way of getting in line.

He’s too boring when he acts like this.

Clinton Secures Democratic Nomination:

At approximately 7:40 p.m., Hillary Clinton sent an email with the title, “We Made History.” She opened the email with these three paragraphs:

Tonight, we made history.

After all our hard work and tough fights — and an unwavering commitment to love, kindness, our country, and each other — we broke one of the highest, hardest glass ceilings in America.

Together, we secured the Democratic nomination. For the first time ever, a woman will be a major party’s nominee to become President of the United States.

Around 3:30 a.m. (Montana time), CNN projected that Hillary Clinton would win the big prize of the night, California.

Feel the Bern Montana:

The Associated Press projected Democrat Bernie Sanders to be the winner of the Montana primary around 12:10 a.m. Montana time this morning. Sanders held two rallies in Montana in the past month.(MT SoS)


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4 thoughts on “Final Super Tuesday Analysis

  1. Drawing conclusions from primary turnouts in regards to a party’s message is pure folly. The conclusions can be made after the elections in November when folks can vote for any candidate regardless of party..

  2. What a monumental shellacking Dems at the statewide level had last night. Most races were 30,000 votes in favor of the GOP when it came to turnout.

    The Dem message is failing.

    I expect Democrats will stick their head further in the sand, raise more dark money.

    It’s sad what my party has become, very sad.

    • Greg – It should be an interesting summer of campaigning. About the only thing that will keep the GOP in the state legislature from acting like they are in a Girls/Boys Gone Wild video depends on who is elected governor. -JmB

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