Terrific News Tuesday

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost. – John Quincy Adams

Hey faithful readers – welcome to another edition of Terrific News Tuesday (TNT)!

In case this is your first time reading TNT, this column is all about good news. I know it’s hard to believe, but I won’t be complaining or criticizing anyone or anything in this column today – just writing about some terrific news that caught my attention!

Here is some of the good stuff in this edition of TNT:

  • Final Super Tuesday
  • Project Graduation
  • Summer Arrives
  • CBS’ On The Road
  • Muhammad Ali

Final Super Tuesday!

It’s the final Super Tuesday primary of this election season, and the great thing is that here in Montana we finally get to vote! Don’t forget to vote. If you have questions about voting in Montana, click HERE. Get your special Montana “I Voted” sticker for Facebook and Twitter HERE.

It’s also primary election day in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota. North Dakota holds their Democratic caucus.

Follow me on Twitter @TheWesternWord for election night updates. If you don’t have Twitter, visit this website TheWesternWord.com and watch the Twitter feed on the right (and refresh it often).

Wednesday morning I will post my analysis of the election.

Project Graduation:

Applause and gratitude to all the people who volunteered for Great Falls and CMR High School’s Project Graduation this past weekend.

Project graduation is an all-night party that provides a safe place for seniors to party after graduation.

It wouldn’t happen without the donations from local people and area businesses either –so applause to them for making the night wonderful for so many.

Summer Arrives!

A sure sign that summer has arrived is the opening of the Electric City Water Park in Great Falls. The park will open for the season on Friday, June 10, at noon. (MTN)

The temperatures are approaching 90 degrees, so that helps, too!

CBS’ On The Road:

This week’s “On the Road” segment with Steve Hartman was another great one. It’s about a man named Norman Malone who plays the piano with one hand:

For years, people who live in a Chicago apartment building have heard the music — heard what everyone assumed was someone seducing a song out of a baby grand with two remarkable hands.

But now we know that was only half right.

Read/watch Norman’s story HERE.

Muhammad Ali:

I was fortunate to grow up during the years that Muhammad Ali was a boxer. It’s been great to read and watch all the wonderful tributes to him. Ali died on June 3.

I remember when I was a kid, my dad and I would listen to an AM radio for round by round updates from some of his championship fights. The three fights between Ali and Joe Frazier were some of the most brutal fights I have ever seen.

When he was interviewed by Howard Cosell, we would laugh hysterically at some of Ali’s antics. We always knew we were in for a treat when Cosell and Ali got together.

The world needs more people like Muhammad Ali. May he rest in peace.


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