Monday’s Quick Hits

We have, I fear, confused power with greatness. – Stewart Udall

Welcome to Monday! Here are some “Quick Hits” about some issues that caught my attention over the weekend:

  • D-Day Anniversary
  • Gianforte & Helena
  • Bullock & the DGA
  • Vote Tomorrow (Tuesday)

D-Day Anniversary:

Today (June 6) is the 72nd anniversary of D-Day. USA This is the day when over 150,000 U.S., British and Canadian forces stormed five beaches along 50 miles of the Normandy region of France. (USA Today)

My favorite movie about the invasion is “Band of Brothers.” I watch it at least once per year.

We should always remember and honor the sacrifices made by the greatest generation.

Gianforte & Helena:

On Saturday afternoon, the Montana Cowgirl blog posted a column about a campaign “robocall” from the Greg Gianforte for Montana Governor campaign that mispronounced the capital of Montana (Helena) three times. Read it HERE.

That’s a big error by the Gianforte campaign. It’s an attention to detail thing. It’s also an embarrassment. That reminds me of a story…

Many years ago when my wife and I were moving to Montana, we were traveling to Great Falls because I was being assigned to Malmstrom AFB. We were traveling on Interstate 15 and decided to stop in Helena for lunch.

I pronounced Helena “Hell-LEE-na.” My wife corrected me and said Helena was pronounced “Hel-uh-nuh.” So we debated it for a few miles and then we stopped in Helena for lunch.

When we went inside the restaurant, I asked the person behind the counter, “Excuse me, but could you tell me how to pronounce the name of this place?”

She looked at me kind of funny and replied, “Bur-Ger King.”

Of course, that was just a joke – a joke just like this campaign season has been so far.

Bullock & the DGA:

Lee Newspapers over the weekend reported that the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) has sent nearly two dozen payments to Montana Governor Steve Bullock and his campaign aides since 2013, including thousands of dollars paid to a current governor’s office staffer and a current Bullock cabinet member.Read the story HERE.

What troubled me about this story are the following paragraphs:

“The DGA and the RGA both reimburse governors and staffers for travel to events and policy conferences,” said Jared Leopold, communications director for the DGA. “Similarly, the Republican Attorneys General Association has reimbursed the Montana Attorney General for his travel to events. The reimbursements … all fit that category.”

Leopold did not answer questions about which specific events the Bullock staffers traveled to.

Bullock said through a spokeswoman that his staff “does not engage in political activity on state time.”

He declined to respond to other questions posed by the Independent Record, as did each of the staffers and campaign aides who received a check from the DGA.

Since Leopold is the communications director for the DGA and is not part of the government, he does not need to answer questions from the press. He may feel like a big shot by refusing to answer questions, but by refusing he just negatively taints the DGA and other organizations that spend millions trying to elect their people.

The response from Bullock is BS. Bullock and any staffers who are (or were) being paid by the Montana taxpayers do not have the same status as Mr. Leopold. They should step forward and answer the questions. The Montana press should not write any stories about Bullock until he and those staffers come forward and answer questions.

This is another negative story that will make independent voters like me think twice before voting for Bullock/Cooney.

Vote Tomorrow (Tuesday):

Thank goodness for open primaries in Montana! I voted over the weekend and I liked it! It feels powerful to cast a vote! You can feel this way, too. Just vote!

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. More information can be found HERE.

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6 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits

  1. Talk about the pronunciation of cities. Mr. Brown, can you name a state which has the following municipalities: New Madrid (pron. New MA’ drid), Milan (pron. MI’ lun), Versailles (pron Ver SAILS’), Bolivar (pron. BAWL i ver), and of course Laredo (pron. Lu REE’ da)? I’ll bet you can.

    • I think I know the answer… Missouri! Some pronounce it MuZurA. The more educated amongst us pronounces it MisErRi. I personally like plain old Mizzou. -JmB

  2. Who’s going to hold Bullock’s feet to the fire on whether he’s working 40 hours a week or not?

    No one.

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