Wednesday’s Political Odds & Ends

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Welcome to Wednesday – also known as “Hump Day” or “Wine Wednesday” or whatever works to help you make it to the weekend!

Today is another one of those days in which there are several major political stories out there that I want to comment about – so it’s another “Political Odds & Ends” day!

Today’s topics include:

  • “Bold” Analysis of the Gianforte Ad
  • MT Dems – Equal Pay Day
  • Ryan – “Count me out”
  • Trump Complains
  • Cruz – Natural Born Citizen

New Gianforte Ad: Bold

As an independent, it’s always fun to analyze the new campaign ads. I can be brutally honest because I don’t have a horse in the race!

If you follow me on Twitter (@TheWesternWord) or on The Western Word’s Facebook page, then you were one of the first to see the first TV ad in the 2016 election for governor of Montana from Greg Gianforte. It’s a 60-second ad. The title of the ad is Bold.

See it HERE. Here is the script:

Hi, I’m Greg Gianforte, and just like you, I know too many Montanans who’ve had to leave because they can’t find a job opportunity. But it does not have to be that way. Because when we pair big, forward thinking ideas with hardworking Montanans, the sky is the limit.
When folks said we couldn’t do it here, my wife and I started a business in our home, that ultimately created over 500 high paying jobs for Montanans, because we weren’t afraid of thinking big and pursuing a bold idea with the people we trust in the state we love.
I’m a job creator, not a politician who thinks government has all the answers. But I do know that Helena thinks too small. And that’s exactly why we can’t wait for them to solve this problem.
I’m Greg Gianforte and I’m running for Governor, because we owe it to every Montanan who wants to come home, and to our children, to create opportunities so they can raise their families here in Montana.

I really liked the sentence, “But I do know that Helena thinks too small.” I also liked, “I’m a job creator, not a politician who thinks government has all the answers.”

I would have edited the line a little and said, “But I do know that we have a freaking circus in Helena every two years during the legislature with lots of clowns running around making us look like dummies to the other 49 states and to the world.”

As for the video, the home it was filmed in was very nice – making him seem rich – which he is. I love the view from the house. The outdoor scene was kind of dull and brown at the beginning, but it got better. I only saw one “blue shirt” being worn by Gianforte. He mostly had on a white shirt. Readers may remember that I made fun of Rick Hill in the last election for Governor for often wearing light blue shirts.

I give the first ad of the 2016 election season in Montana from Team Gianforte an eight out of ten (8/10). It appears we’ll be seeing lots of it on Montana television.

MT Dems – Equal Pay Day:

The Montana Democrats did not waste the chance on Equal Pay Day to ask Republican candidate for governor Greg Gianforte to release the wage gap of his employees at RightNow Technologies.(Press Release)

They also asked whether he opposes or supports the Paycheck Fairness Act that Republican legislators killed last session. They also stated that Gianforte donated thousands of dollars to Republican legislators who voted to kill the Paycheck Fairness Act last legislative session. They even provided the list. Some are pretty far-right members of the Republican Party.

This was a good tactic from the Montana Democrats. Of course, Gianforte probably won’t respond.

So far in this race for Montana Governor, Gianforte and his team are trying to prevent him from being painted as an extreme or far-right conservative Republican. For Gianforte to win, he needs to come across to the voters as a moderate. The Democrats win if they make him look like a right-wing wacko.

This little tug of war will continue until election day 2016. It will be fun to watch.

Paul Ryan: “Count me out.”

With those three words, House Speaker Paul Ryan basically gave the White House to the Democrats for the next four years.

Ryan gave a speech yesterday to rule out a presidential bid. (Associated Press)

The establishment Republicans are trying their best to stop Donald Trump and nobody likes Ted Cruz. John Kasich is a long shot. Trump may cause a civil war in the conservative ranks if he comes close to winning the nomination and it’s taken from him.

Ryan is pretty well-liked. He might actually win if nominated.

It’s looking good for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump Complains:

The Associated Press reported that Republican Presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump has spent the past two days hammering at his party’s delegate selection process as “rigged,” ”unfair” and “corrupt.”

The sad thing about Trump’s complaining that it is rigged and unfair and corrupt is that it’s mostly true. Trump will have to buy their loyalty. That won’t be easy since the movers and shakers in the GOP are pretty wealthy themselves.

The process is just as bad on the Democrat side.

Trump is the man who wrote the book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal.” He’s going to need to make several deals to be the nominee if he does not obtain the 1,237 delegates by the convention.

If he is beaten, I expect him to run as a third-party candidate. He won’t win, but neither will the Republican nominee.

Ted Cruz: Natural Born Citizen

CBS News is reporting that a New Jersey judge has ruled that Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz meets the constitutional requirements to be president and may appear on the state’s presidential primary ballot.

Judge Jeff Masin ruled Tuesday that a child of a citizen-father or citizen-mother is “indeed a natural born Citizen within the contemplation of the Constitution.”

In case you did not know, Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, to a Cuban father and an American mother. Cruz had dual Canadian-American citizenship, but he only formally renounced his Canadian citizenship and ceased being a citizen of Canada on May 14, 2014.

Someone tweeted that all of Canada cheered when they heard the news…

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  1. The name of his running mate was missing from the campaign logo shown at the end of the ad, which suggests it was filmed prior to picking a running mate. I hope Lesley will be featured in future ads instead of Gianforte’s wife. Who is the real Team Gianforte? Overall, I thought the ad was nice.

    • Highpoint – thanks. Since it has been airing, I’ve asked around about it. Some people say Gianforte acts mad. Overall most like it. – JmB

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