Monday’s Quick Hits

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. – Dale Carnegie

Here are some the interesting things that caught my attention over the weekend:

  • Circular Firing Squad
  • Wilcox Exit Interview
  • Vibrantville Tale
  • Rob O’Neill
  • Springsteen Cancelation

Circular Firing Squad:

Back in the day of wine and roses, I probably placed thousands of campaign signs across Montana – most for Republican candidates. I remember a few times when I would see a GOP candidate’s sign that was not in compliance, instead of filing a complaint with the Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP), I would call the candidate and tell him or her. That was called teamwork. I even did it for a few Democrats. One time I printed about 200 disclosure stickers on my home computer and went back and placed them on a candidate’s signs.

It was all about helping the team.

With the way the Cascade County Republicans are forming a circular firing squad, it was not much of a surprise to see that Darlene Meddock filed a complaint with the COPP against Republican State Senate candidate Steve Fitzpatrick that, according to the Great Falls Tribune, claimed his campaign had erected yard signs without proper attribution.

I believe Meddock is or was at one time working for the Cascade County Republican Central Committee. She was listed as a State Committeewoman on a 2015 Montana GOP Central Committee list that you can see HERE. She has also donated to Republican candidates and to the Republican Party.

Meddock’s complaint was dismissed by the COPP.

Wilcox Exit Interview:

The commander of the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Col. Tom Wilcox, is departing for another assignment, plus he will putting on his first star (Brigadier General) soon.

He was assigned to Malmstrom after the cheating scandal broke and the Wing Commander at that time resigned.

Wilcox completed his exit interviews with the local media. The coverage he received could have been written by Malmstrom’s Public Affairs office. It was all fluff. Local reporters seem to be afraid to ask tough questions. Click on the news organization to read their report: KFBBKRTVGreat Falls Tribune.

Wilcox will do well in his next assignment. He began his career in the Security Forces, so he has a foundation of professionalism and excellence. He was the right person at the right time at Malmstrom.

Vibrantville Tale:

I’m not a psychiatrist and I don’t play one on television, but I think that in this letter to the editor Phyllis Tryon is still unable to come to terms with the fact that Rick Tryon lost the City Commission race to Tracy Houck by just 11 votes.

On Saturday, the Great Falls Tribune posted a somewhat puzzling letter to the editor from Phyllis Tryon about the race. Here is the opening graph:

In the city of Vibrantville, vibrant people trusted that candidates running for local political office were honest. But when elections for vibrant city commissioners were held, one vibrant candidate decided not to follow the rules for campaigning. The local vibrant media cheered her on and decided not to investigate the facts. Thus, the vibrant candidate was elected to the Vibrantville City Commission.

Phyllis Tryon seems to be upset that not much has been done since the Commissioner of Political Practices determined that sufficient facts exist to show there was a campaign practice violation by Candidate Tracy Houck. That decision was signed by the Commissioner on October 21, 2015. It does seem like it’s taking a long time to slap Houck’s wrist and move on.

After you read the full letter, feel free to offer your best explanation in the comment section…

Rob O’Neill:

In case you missed it, Rob O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who says he fired the shots that killed Osama bin Laden, said he took a prescribed sleep aid before getting arrested for driving under the influence in Butte early Friday and is innocent. (Lee Newspapers)

It was reported that he failed field sobriety tests at the scene and at the county jail, where he refused a breathalyzer test.

I have heard that some prescriptions can have an effect like that on people – especially if they are taken when alcohol is involved, so it may be a defense. Refusing a breathalyzer test may have harmed that defense, though.

The bottom line to me is that O’Neill should not have been driving. I would expect someone in his situation would employ an assistant to help him.

I am disappointed.

Springsteen Cancelation:

Reuters reported that rock star Bruce Springsteen on Friday canceled a weekend concert in North Carolina to protest a new state law barring transgender people from choosing bathrooms consistent with their gender identity, as country music stars decried similar legislation proposed in Tennessee.

He said in a statement, “Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them.”

Good for Springsteen.

*NOTE: In an earlier version of this column, I wrote that today was Tax Day 2016. That was incorrect. Tax Day 2016 is next Monday, April 18. 

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6 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits

  1. Then you have Jimmy Buffet with 2 shows coming up in NC which he will play, for his fans. He said they would think about any future shows in NC based on if the law stayed…that’s class!

    • Barry – Sounds fine to me – they all have different ideas on how to handle the issue. -JmB

      • Barry – Thanks for the information. Every performer or business that decides to get involved in social issues does take a chance. I think the author of the letter went a little over the top, but then again the letter is posted on a right-wing website (GOPUSA). The bottom line (to me) is Springsteen won because he pleased the majority of his fans and the author of the letter won because he stood up for those who are for the bill. They will both sleep well tonight. -JmB

  2. As far as Springsteen goes, he has the right to do what he wants in terms of performing and what he finds politically correct. In this case, he chose to punish his fans and local businesses for something they didn’t do by cancelling the concert where he could have used that opportunity to express his views. I find that sad…

    • Barry – Thanks. That is one way of looking at it. He also expressed his views by canceling the show which probably received more attention than if he would have said a few sentences about it during the show. -JmB

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