The Sunday Message

My God’s not dead
He’s surely alive
He’s living on the inside
Roaring like a lion
-“God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)” by the Newsboys

This week I happened to catch a story at the website about God. It was 50 years ago that Time asked this question on the cover of their magazine:

Is God Dead?

That cover ticked off a lot of people.

This week a man named Christopher Hale took a look at the story. Hale is executive director at Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Read his article HERE.

Hale writes that God most certainly isn’t dead in 2016. He does contend that religion may be near death. He says that nearly one-in-three Americans under 35 are religiously unaffiliated.

I think our main problem in 2016 is that we are quickly becoming intolerant of other people’s religion and views. There’s much hatred going around. That turns those who are looking at religion, but who are not connected to a church, off.

When people attend church for the first time, they are looking for something. They stay because they find a connection they like. It could be the speaker, the music, the children’s programs, how friendly people are, or just the times of the services.

So in 2016, God is not dead, but some of the people involved in spreading the “Good News” are hurting the cause.

Here’s a video from the Newsboys: God’s Not Dead


Have a wonderful week!

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