Super Bowl 50: Final Thoughts

Denver Broncos 24, Carolina Panthers 10.

Maybe it was just the group of people that was at my house, but most of us felt that Super Bowl 50 was one of the most boring Super Bowl games of all time. I think most people wanted the game to be over already – even the fans who wanted the Broncos to win.

I picked the Panthers to win Super Bowl 50.

Congrats to the Denver Broncos – and especially quarterback Peyton Manning for winning Super Bowl 50. I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan who sees the Chiefs and Broncos play twice a year, so I am not a Denver fan. I do respect Peyton Manning, though. I don’t care for John Elway or Gary Kubiak.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) was Broncos linebacker, Von Miller. The real MVP was the Broncos 68-year-old defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. He was actually the head coach of the Broncos for two years back in the 1990s. Phillips’ defense beat the New England Patriots and last night his defense shut-down Cam Newton and the Panthers.

Peyton Manning should retire now, walk out a winner, drink his Budweiser, and heal. There are not too many athletes that go out on top, so this is Manning’s “drop the mic and walk off the stage” moment. Just do it.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton needs to grow up some, so he needed a lesson like this one. He needed to be humbled. He needs to mature. This was evident when he did not like a question in the post-game press conference and got up and left. One headline reported the incident like this, “Cam Newton goes from Superman to Incredible Sulk in poor postgame showing.” When he comes back next year maybe some of the cockiness will be gone. Maybe he will learn that in the “big games” he should dive for fumbles. Life is not always wine and roses and victories.

As for the halftime entertainment, I liked the performances of Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce. The commercials were good, but not great. Here are the top five commercials from USA Today. Here are the best and worst commercials according to Yahoo.

The most interesting Tweet of the game (on my Twitter feed) came from the Kansas City Star’s Sam Mellinger, who tweeted, “The bathroom at Levi’s Stadium has a sign reminding you to not drink toilet water. Very thoughtful.” He later posted a photo of the sign. Is that great sports reporting or what?

So here we are at the end of another NFL season. One team and its fans are celebrating. As for the rest of us, we are thinking “next year.”

Go Chiefs…

## END ##

1 thought on “Super Bowl 50: Final Thoughts

  1. Yes, the SB was boring, boring, boring.
    Seattle and two other teams are the current favorites to go to the SB next year at 8-1.
    Marshawn Lynch tweeted a photo of green football shoes hanging over a powerline, so I guess the rumors of his impending retirement are probably correct.
    Go Seattle!

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