Super Bowl 50: Final Thoughts

Denver Broncos 24, Carolina Panthers 10.

Maybe it was just the group of people that was at my house, but most of us felt that Super Bowl 50 was one of the most boring Super Bowl games of all time. I think most people wanted the game to be over already – even the fans who wanted the Broncos to win.

I picked the Panthers to win Super Bowl 50.

Congrats to the Denver Broncos – and especially quarterback Peyton Manning for winning Super Bowl 50. I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan who sees the Chiefs and Broncos play twice a year, so I am not a Denver fan. I do respect Peyton Manning, though. I don’t care for John Elway or Gary Kubiak.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) was Broncos linebacker, Von Miller. The real MVP was the Broncos 68-year-old defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. He was actually the head coach of the Broncos for two years back in the 1990s. Phillips’ defense beat the New England Patriots and last night his defense shut-down Cam Newton and the Panthers.

Peyton Manning should retire now, walk out a winner, drink his Budweiser, and heal. There are not too many athletes that go out on top, so this is Manning’s “drop the mic and walk off the stage” moment. Just do it.

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Thursday Numbers

Happy New Year! Thanks for taking time out of your holiday schedule to read “Thursday Numbers.”

If this is your first time, this is the column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with a little sarcasm).

This week I write about Bon Jovi, ObamaCare, unemployment, new laws for 2014, the speed limit, deaths on the roads, tax breaks, Antarctic rescue, stamps, bowl games, SiriusXM Pigskin Pick ‘em, Phil Robertson, Beyoncé, and much more!

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Tea Party: “Cause if you like it…”

You knew it was bound to happen. The Republican Party invited Tea Party members into their club and it was fun – kind of like a summer fling. The GOP used the Tea Party members’ votes and excitement to get candidates elected. It was an adult relationship with both sides using each other for their own needs.

But now the Tea Party wants to do things their way. They are all grown up and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul speak for them. This is not like the Christian Coalition takeover of the GOP in the early 90s.

Frankly, the GOP is probably getting a little worried about their Tea Party cousins because now they want to do things like defund Obamacare. Regular Republicans want to defund it, too, but they won’t shut down the government to do it. They know how shutting down the government worked out last time.

This is kind of like the cousin who is down on his luck and moves in with you. At first it’s fun, but then he takes over the TV remote and he drinks all the milk and leaves the empty carton in the fridge. That last piece of cake is gobbled up by him before you can eat it.

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Caught My Eye…

TGIF – Welcome to Friday!  We are now 53 days from Election Day!

First visit?  If this is your first time visiting The Western Word the “Caught My Eye” column is posted every Friday morning right here!  It’s where I take a quick look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week – and I often throw in a touch of sarcasm just to make you smile.

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