Monday’s Odds & Ends

Hello Monday! It’s time for another odds and ends edition from the past weekend! When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into one column and call it “Potpourri” or “Odds & Ends” or something catchy to get your attention.

Today’s topics include:

  • Tribune’s New Conservative Columnist
  • Aaron Rodgers & Muslims
  • Obama – ISIS is Contained
  • Democratic Presidential Debate
  • Wyoming House Seat
  • Peyton Manning/Broncos

Gregg Smith & the Tribune:

The “No Teams” guy has picked a team! To no one’s surprise, he picked the conservative team. Great Falls attorney and businessman Gregg Smith will write a monthly political column for the Great Falls Tribune from a conservative perspective.

Smith and two other fellows had been writing a column about “No Teams” that appeared in the Tribune about once a month. I can’t really explain what it was about beyond those two words. I know I yawned a lot when I read it.

Smith was once a conservative blogger who would routinely go after the Tribune. Now he’s the Tribune’s conservative columnist. With Phil Drake already in their stable, lefties might begin to think there’s a conspiracy against them at the Tribune.

Good luck to Smith – it’s nice to see Great Falls folks do well.

Aaron Rodgers & Muslims:

I applaud Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for denouncing the anti-Islamic fan who ruined the moment of silence at Packers game on Sunday. (Source)

According to a story in USA Today, at Lambeau Field, before the Green Bay Packers lost to the Detroit Lions 18-16, a fan shouted out a slur against Muslims during the moment of silence and Rodgers had this to say:

I must admit, I was very disappointed with whoever the fan was that made a comment that was very inappropriate during the moment of silence. It’s that kind of prejudicial ideology that puts us in the position we are today as a world.

There seems to be a lot of hatred toward Muslims/Islam in this world – especially in the United States. I happened to catch the following post on Facebook and Twitter:

If you can differentiate between white Christians and the KKK/Westboro, then you can differentiate between Muslims and ISIS.

That statement seems to fit this situation pretty well.

Obama – ISIS is Contained:

If you are one of the several folks who tweeted or posted on Facebook the comments President Obama made about ISIS being contained, you should probably read this story from The Hill:

According to his deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, the president was referring very specifically to the question of ISIL’s geographic expansion in Iraq and Syria when he made that remark.

The Obama haters were out in force after the attacks in Paris, so here is a pro-tip: Instead of directing your anger toward Obama who cannot run again (and who has not taken your guns), you should devote your attention to help elect the candidate you want for President. Less than a year from now that person will be elected and will be preparing to take office.

Democratic Presidential Debate:

If college or pro football is on TV, debates take a back seat with me. It seems that is the same with others as Saturday Night’s debate between Democratic Presidential candidates had few viewers.

There were only about 8.5 million views – making it the lowest rated debate so far. (Source)

Debates are probably best held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Wyoming House Seat:

After just four terms, Wyoming GOP congresswoman Cynthia Lummis is retiring from Congress. She is a member of the extreme Freedom Caucus in the U.S. House.

The big question will Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, run for the seat?

No matter what, the odds that the seat stays in GOP hands are pretty good.

Peyton Manning/Broncos:

My Kansas City Chiefs destroyed the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning Sunday afternoon in Denver.

I liked it. It’s not very often that the Chiefs beat the Broncos. The final score was 29-13, but it was not that close.

I do feel bad for Manning. He was playing injured and needed the week off to heal. His head coach, Gary Kubiak, is a moron. Manning was a top QB last year and Kubiak took over as head coach and messed up a good thing.

I do like Peyton Manning. I don’t care for the Broncos.


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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Odds & Ends

  1. I have the highest respect for Gregg Smith. He is a man of great integrity and intelligence. (PH D) He was a huge force in our fight against the coal plant here in GF, albeit for different reasons than the ones we enviros fought for. AND, when others banned me, Gregg allowed me to post on his blog. And for that I am eternally greatly. He really does believe in free speech and is a big advocate for allowing all of us to voice our opinions. He gets it.

    He was unafraid to hold the city accountable for their assault on Susan Overfield, a friend of mine. He really is interested in good government that helps our community. So I heartily welcome Gregg as a Tribune columnist.

    My only hope is that Gregg takes the gloves off and writes the way I know he can write. Actually, he is a extremely astute political observer. Although he leans maybe to the right, he’s as honest as they come. He sees both sides.

    Here’s the deal. The city gov. of GF can be incredibly corrupt. The Tribune failed for years to do any real reporting on the coal plant fiasco. (just one of many fiascos) There was only ONE person writing the real news about the plant, and that was Gregg Smith. He did the heavy lifting for the Spitoon, and therefore was a great asset to our community. I’ll never forget those days. I really hoped that the local newspaper he tried to establish would have been a success. But like most such efforts, it just wasn’t meant to be.

    Gregg has my total support, and I look forward to reading his columns. Why? Easy answer. Because the Spitoon hasn’t written a REAL editorial since Eric Newhouse left. I guess that the want Gregg to do the heavy lifting for them once again. And I know he can!……I hope they compensate well for doing their job for them once again. And he really IS owed back pay for his coal plant work!

  2. James Drew Said: ” Not so much with mainstream Muslims. As a group, they are particularly silent about what their “brothers” are doing via Jihad. Perhaps I’ll feel better toward them when they come out on our side instead of giving this silent approval to the killers.”

    So my question is this: Have you been living in a cave? The Muslim communities have been very outspoken in their criticism of radicals. You either aren’t looking or are more interested in a political statement against the party you disagree with. Such ignorance, be it willful or unintended, is sad.

  3. First and foremost: Broncos – my sentiments exactly. I’ve often said, “I’d like to see Peyton Manning have a 500-yard, 4-touchdown passing day in a losing effort.”

    The Chiefs have been on my “I-Like-’em” list since Jan Stenerud, so – yes – hearing about Sunday’s win is most pleasing.

    Muslims/ISIS vs Christians/KKK, et al. Here’s the deal with me: I know of several Christians personally and in the media who will denounce KKK/Westboro, et al. Not so much with mainstream Muslims. As a group, they are particularly silent about what their “brothers” are doing via Jihad. Perhaps I’ll feel better toward them when they come out on our side instead of giving this silent approval to the killers.

    I think we should call these gatherings of politicians, where they respond to prepared questions, something other than “debates.” I don’t think that word means what they think it means.

    I think Mr. Obama should be a tad more “specific,” most of seem to have missed that. Either way, the man is a combination of “consummate liar” and “clueless politician,” with the emphasis on the former.

    I don’t consider Drake “conservative;” will give Smith a chance, though I’m not optimistic. Anyone who would genuinely perceive a Tribune conspiracy against liberals is paranoid beyond therapy.

    Well, there’s my “Two Cents.” Thanks for not slamming my Seahawks.

    • Jim – Thanks for your comments. There are probably about 3 million Muslims in the USA. I imagine not all are silent about the terror attack, just as when the Westboro folks protest, we don’t hear from all Christians condemning it. So, I can’t agree with your assertion there.
      As for my the statement and your comments, “Anyone who would genuinely perceive a Tribune conspiracy against liberals is paranoid beyond therapy” I was joking. The Tribune probably won’t be considered conservative anytime soon.
      As for Obama, I don’t consider him a liar any more than other politicians. He won twice running for President, so he is not a clueless politician at all. He’s a winner – just like George W. Bush and others who won two presidential elections. That is tough to do. Nonetheless, the folks on the right should direct their anger and hatred in a different direction now. The next election is approaching and they may end up with Hillary as President if they don’t start re-directing their attention.
      Thanks again for your comments. Come back soon!


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