Wednesday’s Potpourri

Welcome to Wednesday! Hold on – I’ve heard a rumor that the weekend will soon be here! When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into a “potpourri” column.

Today’s topics include:

  • Hillary Clinton & Questions
  • 18 Potential GOP Presidential Candidates
  • Congressional Pay Raises
  • Origins of Same-Sex Orientation
  • George Stephanopoulos

Hillary Clinton & Questions:

We can relax now; the long national nightmare is finally over. Hillary Clinton took questions from the media this week. National Journal reports that Clinton took five questions, some were about the State Department emails to the Clinton Foundation’s donors.

About the only people who really care about Clinton taking questions from the media is the media, but the media can make or break a campaign. Clinton does need to engage with reporters more or there will continue to be a feeding frenzy.

The email controversy is not going away. According to a story in The Hill, a federal judge on Tuesday rejected State’s target date of January 15, 2016, instead ordering the department to begin releasing the emails on a rolling basis.

This probably means that every week or so there will be a story about the latest release of Clinton’s emails – drip…drip…drip.

18 Potential GOP Presidential Candidates:

NBC News First Read ponders the question about almost everyone (and their aunt and uncle) running for President on the GOP ticket, “How do you fit them all on one stage in the first debate set for August?” But the bigger question is, “If you capped a debate at 12, which six would you leave out?”

You’re gonna need a bigger stage…

Congressional Pay Raises:

Several reports are surfacing, including this one from CNN about Congressional Pay Raises. CNN reported:

The Democratic Party says it’s the party of the working class, but congressional Democrats this week complicated that pitch by calling for a pay raise for members of Congress.

“Members deserve to be paid, staff deserves to be paid and the cost of living here is causing serious problems for people who are not wealthy to serve in this institution,” said Rep. Alcee Hastings during a Monday Rules Committee hearing on the upcoming year’s legislative branch appropriations bill, according to Roll Call.

Hastings should realize the problem is that mostly wealthy people are elected to Congress.

I guess $174,000 for each member of congress does not go as far as it once did. If these people don’t like the salary, then they should quit. Someone else will take their place.

Origins of Same-Sex Orientation:

According to Gallup, for the first time, a majority of Americans say same-sex orientation is something gays and lesbians are born with rather than something that is determined by their upbringing or environment. The poll also found that a record-high 63% of Americans describe gay or lesbian relations as “morally acceptable.” You can read the whole report HERE.

It’s great that we now have this issue settled…

George Stephanopoulos:

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos did not disclose his donations to the Clinton Foundation and now he’s in the dog house. He apologized and withdrew from moderating a GOP presidential debate scheduled for February.

The New York Daily News reported that a poll released Tuesday from Rasmussen Reports states 46% of likely voters think ABC should ban its Sunday morning political host and former staffer for President Bill Clinton after he admitted to making $75,000 in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Stephanopoulos should probably stay away from political reporting during the 2016 cycle. There are many stories he can read on Good Morning America that are important – stories about cooking, kittens, and puppies would be great.


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  1. I sincerely hope that is sarcasm when you report: (We can relax now; the long national nightmare is finally over. Hillary Clinton took questions from the media this week. ) I don’t think we can relax until she is no longer breathing! I don’t believe anything she says………

    • Robert – Thanks for your comments. When I write about politicians and the media; I use a lot of sarcasm. I don’t take any politician too seriously. The Clintons are experts at using the media and last week was a perfect example of her using them – she did not take questions for a few days and when she did it was top story. The 18 or so Republicans who want to be President should take note or they will find another Clinton in the White House come 2017. Thanks again – JmB

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