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In case you’re new around here, “Thursday Numbers” is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm.

This week’s topics include the University of Montana, Butte America, unemployment, Letterman, Osama bin Laden, Hillary Clinton, municipal elections, President Barack Obama, Jeopardy!, most powerful women staffers, extra points, Sen. Rand Paul, national landmarks in Washington, D.C, the gyrocopter guy, and much more!


The University of Montana is proposing naming its law school in honor of Alexander Blewett III after the Great Falls personal injury attorney donated $10 million to the school. (Source)

Wowser! For one million (maybe less) I would consider renaming this blog, or my dog, or my children…


That’s how much ($700,000) Butte (MT) school board trustees voted to spend for artificial turf on the football field at Naranche Stadium. (Source)

Football is just better when it’s played outside and on real grass…


That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week. This is an increase from the week before. (Source)


David Letterman called it quits last night after 33 years and 6,028 broadcasts. (Source)

Good luck Dave…


U.S. intelligence officials declassified 103 documents from Osama bin Laden. You can see them HERE.

There’s no word if there were any emails from Hillary Clinton in the material…


KRTV reported this week that in Great Falls (MT) the fee to file to run for Mayor is $56.15. To file for commissioner, it will cost you $37.44. If elected, the fun you will have is priceless.

Many believe some of the best comedy around is watching the Great Falls City Commission meetings which are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. You can watch them on the Government Access Channel. There are many clowns…


Gallup reported that Americans’ favorable ratings of President Barack Obama now stand at 53%, up four points from March. (Source)

Somewhere a conservative just said a nasty word…


According to CNBC, 40 percent of unemployed have quit looking for jobs.



The game show “Jeopardy!” has been on for 31 years and 7,000 episodes. You can see more interesting numbers from my favorite game show by clicking HERE.


Click HERE to see who made the list for the 20 most powerful women staffers on Capitol Hill!


The NFL announced the extra point will now be kicked from the 15-yard line with two-point conversions remaining at the 2-yard line. The new rule also gives the defense the ability to score two points on returns.

Here are some ideas from me: Field goals over 50 yards should be worth four points. They could also put a third pole in the middle of the uprights to make it really interesting!


You can see the list of the 15 most visited national landmarks in Washington, D.C. by clicking HERE.

Everyone should go to D.C. and see where a lot of your taxes are spent!


U.S. Senator Rand Paul attempted to filibuster the Patriot Act extension for almost 11 hours yesterday. (Source)

Very few people care about Rand Paul and his filibuster…


Doug Hughes is the man who flew his gyrocopter and landed it on the U.S. Capitol lawn. He was trying to make a statement about campaign finance reform.

According to the National Journal, the Department of Justice announced that a grand jury indicted Hughes on six charges: two felonies and four misdemeanors. All told, Hughes faces up to nine and a half years in prison for his act of civil disobedience.

Someone said during this visit he was walking instead of flying…


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