Terrific News Tuesday!

You won’t find any griping or complaining today – just some terrific news – which for this week is being called Terrific News Tuesday (TNT).

Here is some of the good stuff that made TNT:

  • Local Media & National Police Week
  • Higher Education in Montana
  • Crime in Montana
  • Rain, Rain, Rain
  • Pay Raises
  • Montana Veterans Memorial
  • Doubles Title
  • POTUS & Twitter

Great Falls Local Media:

Thank you to the local media – the Great Falls Tribune newspaper plus television stations KRTV and KFBB for their coverage of National Police Week and Memorial Service in Washington, D.C. One of our own, Cascade County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Dunn, was killed in the line of duty this past year.

The Dunn family and members of the Cascade County Sheriff’s office attended the events. Each story that I read or watched was professionally and compassionately done. Thanks to each reporter for their work on this event.

Higher Education in Montana:

Congrats to Montana for being ranked the best in the nation for keeping higher education affordable! Read a press release from Governor Steve Bullock about the news HERE.

We’ve got mountains and lakes and more beautiful scenery than most places – and affordable higher education!

Crime in Montana:

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, statistically speaking, Bozeman is the safest major city in the state four out of the last five years.

That information will make a great brochure to lure businesses and people to Bozeman…

Rain, Rain, Rain:

It was a nice steady rain that started Thursday and ended Sunday. After the totals were added up, the weather folks at KRTV said Great Falls received about 1.79 inches.

The crops needed it as well as the yards.

Pay Raises Coming:

Congrats to elected state officials and to state employees! The Associated Press reported elected state officials in Montana from the governor to district judges will receive automatic pay raises on July 1 based on average salaries from surrounding states.

As for non-elected state employees, they will be getting a pay raise in January 2016 and January 2017, according to this story.

If we want some of the best people to run for elective office and work in state government, they must get paid a decent salary.

Montana Veterans Memorial:

It was great to read in the Great Falls Tribune that 162 Blackfeet veterans were being honored at Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls. Those 162 tiles were part of the 240 tiles being added to the memorial in preparation for Memorial Day.

The Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls is one of the places that everyone needs to visit.

Doubles Title:

There are many state champions every year all across the United States, but the story of C.M. Russell High’s Lindsay Martinez caught my eye. Martinez, who is a senior and her partner freshman Mackenzie George, won the state AA girls doubles title in tennis on Friday. For those who are not acquainted with what AA means, those are the high schools with the most students in Montana.

What impressed me was that Martinez won the state singles title last year as a junior, with a record of 31-0, but decided to play doubles this year with George – and they won it all. The Great Falls Tribune reported that in the past year, Martinez has won a singles title, a state championship in soccer and now a doubles title.

Martinez will be heading to Princeton University this fall to study ecology and evolutionary biology.


The President is now on Twitter – how cool is that. His first Tweet:

Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account.

I think I was around his 388,000th follower. By this morning he had 1.7 million followers. Wowser! Sadly, President Obama is only following about 65 people back, so if you happen to run into him tell him to follow me @TheWesternWord…


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