Tuesday’s Potpourri

When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into a “potpourri” column. This is one of those days!

Today I write about the Montana Legislature and Larry’s bill, snowplowing in Montana, Mitt Romney Part III, College Football Playoff National Championship, the Denver Broncos, and much more!

Larry’s Bill:

Although I do like horses and I can talk like Mister Ed (a talking horse on TV) I chuckled when I read about a new bill in Montana legislature that relates to the protection of police horses.

According to the Associated Press, there’s only one police horse in Montana. His name is Larry.

Congrats to Larry. Hopefully he can show up for the bill signing.

The circus is picking up steam in Helena…


Congrats to the city of Billings for their work in plowing all the residential streets. According to a story in today’s Billings Gazette, 90% of all the streets are plowed.

On the other hand, a Great Falls Tribune reporter interviewed Jim Rearden the other day about plowing the streets in Great Falls. Rearden is the Great Falls Public Works director – you know – the department that supposedly works for the public. Rearden came up with quite a few lame excuses for not plowing part of the 47 inches of snow off the residential streets. He was quoted saying that his department was “darned if you do, darned if you don’t.”

I don’t think Rearden can see the big picture for the snow drifts. He probably lives on a street that is plowed…

Romney Part III:

Republican Mitt Romney is supposedly gearing up for a third presidential run. Romney received about 55% of the Montana vote in 2012.

Politicians on all levels have big egos and crave the spotlight. Romney is no different and getting back in the public spotlight is like a drug for him.

I’m happy to report that I have never voted for Romney. He lost me in 2007 when he compared his sons driving across Iowa campaigning in an RV to people in the military serving their country. He apologized and clarified his remarks, but the damage was done.

National Championship:

Ohio State won the first College Football Playoff National Championship. They dominated Oregon winning the game 42-20.

I’ve never thought that PAC-12 teams could compete with the teams of the Big Ten or even the best football conference from top to bottom, the SEC. The gimmick of running plays every few seconds is just that – a gimmick. Against better teams it does not work too well.

By all indications the four-team playoff system worked well, although if you were one of the teams ranked five and six in the last poll, you might not think so. I hope they leave it at four teams for a few years. It was a pretty exciting season.

Denver Broncos:

I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan, so I am excited when other teams in our division have problems. I was surprised that the Broncos and head coach John Fox agreed to part ways.

Fox was a mediocre coach at Carolina (73-71) staying there for nine seasons and getting to the playoffs three times including a loss in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

In Denver, Fox’s team won the AFC West every year (four years straight) with a record of 46-18, and went to the Super Bowl and lost. Three of those seasons were with Peyton Manning at quarterback.

Expectations are higher in Denver with John Elway in charge, but many teams would give up a lot to be in the playoffs for the past four years and to make it to the Super Bowl.

It will be interesting to see who Denver hires, but it will be more interesting to find out if Peyton Manning comes back or retires.


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