Montana Republicans: Paranoia

In case you missed the political news over the weekend, on Saturday the Montana Republican State Central Committee voted to join a lawsuit that would prevent voters who are not registered Republicans from voting in a Republican primary.

The vote was 83 for joining the lawsuit and 43 against joining the lawsuit.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the lawsuit “asks a federal judge to strike down as unconstitutional Montana laws allowing any registered voter to participate in any party primary.”

The AP also reported, “Many Republicans said at the meeting closed primaries are needed because people not in their party have been voting in their primaries and influencing election outcomes for years.”

Those 83 people who voted to join the lawsuit are paranoid. They remind me of the new DirecTV commercial with the “Overly Paranoid Rob Lowe.” See it HERE.

As a moderate and independent voter, if I am required to register, I won’t be registering as Republican. I’ve voted for Republicans and I’ve voted for Democrats. I also worked for a Republican (U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns) for about 12 years.

I am also a taxpayer who is helping to pay for these primary elections – elections in which I may not be able to participate.

As for “people not in their party have been voting in their primaries and influencing election outcomes for years” the Montana Republicans seem to be doing just fine. The Republicans control the Montana State House 59-41. The Republicans control the Montana State Senate 29-21. The Republicans have complete control of the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) 5-0. The Republicans control two-thirds of the Federal delegation (Sen. Daines, Rep. Zinke). They also have a Republican as Attorney General.

It seems the current system is serving them well, but the paranoid extremists seem to be determined to take over the Republican Party.

The big tent that is talked about in Republican circles was zipped up and closed a little more on Saturday by a group of 83 extremists who voted to join the lawsuit. They see moderate and independent voters in Montana, not as possible supporters, but as an enemy who is too impure for inclusion.


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3 thoughts on “Montana Republicans: Paranoia

  1. The beatings will continue until morale improves. Acquiescence to rightwingnut totalitarianism is the only acceptable situation allowed.

  2. Wow. And to think, I voted on the Republican ticket when I am a registered Democrat. They really are paranoid and need to spend their time doing something constructive. Dummies.

  3. If this is truly the path the Montana Republican Committee wants to go, as an Independent, I will no longer support their candidates. I shared my position that with the Montana Republican Party Facebook page earlier, but it did not show up as a post! Must be under review. if the MSRCC will not allow me to participate in primaries, they should not look forward to my vote in a general election. I will not automatically cast a vote for the Democrats, but I will leave that one empty.

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