Politics and Sports

Happy Monday folks – here are some things that caught my attention over the weekend from the world of politics and sports!

MT Legislature Dress Code:

Last week I wrote that the 2015 Montana Legislature would be “the best circus ever” and if the new dress code is any indication, I may be correct.

The Montana Cowgirl Blog wrote about it HERE. Raw Story has more about it HERE.

Two things came to mind when I was reading the new dress code: First, they outlawed casual Fridays and Saturdays. This may be the No Fun Legislature (NFL).

One issue they did not address is tinfoil/aluminum hats. I am sure many legislators on the far right will be bringing them to Helena. We must have some rules!

MT Legislature Proposed Bills:

Ed Kemmick over at the Last Best News has “looked at all 1,482 bills that have been proposed for the 2015 Montana Legislature” and writes about a few HERE.

I’m sure you’ll smile when reading Kemmick’s take about a feral hog bill and one that will “assess a fee for PowerPoint presentation.”

MT Legislature Rule Changes:

John S. Adams from the Great Falls Tribune writes about changes to the rules in the Montana Legislature that “some say would hamstring minority Democrats and consolidate power in the hands of the conservative GOP leadership.” You can read his story HERE.

I must admit the rules in the Montana Legislature make me yawn.

Montana Grizzlies:

A few weeks ago (Nov. 19) I wrote about the head coaching vacancy for the Montana Grizzlies. I thought that they should bring back Bobby Hauck to coach the Griz because he was just about done at UNLV. Hauck has since resigned from UNLV.

In Sunday’s paper Scott Mansch of the Great Falls Tribune interviewed former Griz QB Dave Dickenson, who is now offensive coordinator for the Calgary Stampeders. He will be the head coach in 2016.

Dickenson pulled no punches when he talked about the head coaching job at Montana saying, Bobby Hauck “was probably the best coach that university’s had, so I’d be disappointed if the call wasn’t made to Bobby.”



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