The Sunday Message

Many people remember the movie, “The Ten Commandments” starring Charlton Heston as Moses. There’s a new movie being released December 12 about Moses called, “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” This time Moses is played by Christian Bale.

We’ve been fortunate to see some movies released this year that were based on characters in the Bible. The first was “Noah” and featured Russell Crowe as Noah. That movie received a lot of criticism because some people felt it did not follow scripture closely enough.

Back then I wrote, “Christians, especially evangelical Christians (I am one) need to calm down some. Stop acting snobbish, and stop acting like you alone have all the facts about God, Jesus, the Bible, and even Noah.”

After watching the movie “Noah” I found myself reading about Noah in the Bible and studying his story more. It’s funny how God works…

So with the new movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” the wet blankets are already out on force. This is from an article on the website

Should you go and see Exodus? If you are looking for classic Ridley Scott movie along the lines of ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Alien’ then sadly, no. ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ is nowhere near as innovative. And if you’re hoping for a biblically faithful retelling of the book of Exodus – then again, no. Scott plays fast and loose with the scriptures, making some huge deviations for artistic effect.

If the movie entertains us, makes us think some, and maybe read and study the scriptures in our Bible more, then that’s great in my book.

Here’s the trailer:

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