Montana Grizzlies: Time to Restore the Roar

University of Montana athletic director, Kent Haslam, tells the Missoulian that he wants “to take as long as it takes to get the right person” to find a new football coach for the Montana Grizzlies.

The current head coach, Mick Delaney, announced his retirement last Sunday which is effective at the end of the season. Delaney should be given a royal send-off for keeping the Griz football program from sinking.

Maybe free season tickets for life or a new set of gold clubs – something really nice is in order. A win over Montana State in the Brawl of the Wild this Saturday would probably be a good parting gift.

A few years ago someone joked that with all the trouble players were getting into, the next Cat/Griz or Griz/Cat game should be played at the Montana State Prison. Delaney helped right the ship.

Haslam and his team might want to look to their past to bring back the roar to football at the University of Montana. There’s one former coach who should be considered for the top spot: UNLV’s Bobby Hauck.

Like many former Griz football coaches (Joe Glenn, Mick Dennehy), Hauck has found that getting wins at the highest level of college football is hard. Hauck’s record at UNLV is 15-47. He’s had one winning season in five years (7-6) and has taken UNLV to one bowl game.

With that record, it’s just about time for him to leave Las Vegas. After this losing season, he may not have a choice about how he leaves.

Montana should take a look at bringing him home.

Hauck’s record at Montana in seven seasons was 80-17. He won or tied for the Big Sky Conference title all seven years. The Griz went to three National Championship games. Hauck was 5-2 against Montana State.

There are other members of the Griz family – like former Griz quarterback Dave Dickenson who would excite the fans, although the Calgary Stampeders might not want to release Dickenson as easily as UNLV might want to release Hauck.

If the University of Montana wants to restore the roar to Griz football hiring Bobby Hauck would be a good start.


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  2. The ‘poor man’s Berkeley’ has many problems that manifest themselves on and off the field. Doesn’t matter who is the coach so long as the university leadership is underwhelming and the negative reputation grows depressing enrollment. IMHO.

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